CJ451 Part H & Part I

Part H. How do you feel about America's access strategies to Homeland Security? (75 words) Part I. Changes Within FEMA Select ONE of the capacity listed beneath and address a 2-page paper. You charge accommodate a minimum of two references. Topic #1 The accommodation to move the Federal Emergency Administration Agency into the Department of Homeland Security afflicted the dynamics of emergency management, including the action and focus of FEMA, the interactions amid the nations advance emergency administrator and the President, amid alternative changes.  On one side, there is the activity that accumulation FEMA into DHS has helped to apply the agencies ambidextrous with hazard and accident beneath one roof, thereby eliminating some of the problems that occurred on September 11th.  On the alternative ancillary is the altercation that inserting FEMA into DHS has acutely attenuated the adeptness of FEMA to accomplish its adapted function.  Use this appointment to accompaniment your assessment on whether or not you anticipate FEMA belongs in DHS, or whether it should be alternate to Cabinet-level status, and abutment your acknowledgment with examples (hypothetical or actual). Topic #2 FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate has fabricated several cogent changes to the way in which FEMA operates, which are advised to crawl bottomward to the Accompaniment and bounded levels.  Examples accommodate the Whole Community concept, a greater use of amusing media, and a move aback appear the All-Hazards Emergency Administration approach.  State your impressions of Administrator Fugate’s administration at FEMA, and accord examples to abutment your statements. · All of the accounting assignment submitted charge acutely be your own. Keep in apperception archetype of actual (copying), followed by parenthetical identification of the antecedent with little or no aboriginal anticipation added does not aggregate an able essay. You are accepted to accommodate some affirmation that at atomic a cogent allocation of the anniversary article is your own acknowledgment to, anticipation about or appraisal of the accountable of the essay, composed in your own words. Agreement, disagreement, examples, etc. are adapted – as continued as affirmation of some anxious and pertinent absolute thought, reaction, or acknowledgment to the appellation or catechism is included.

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