CIS 555 Discussions

Discussion 1 "Representing Operation Models" Please acknowledge to the following: • From the aboriginal e-Activity, ( accept you were asked to actualize an UML use case for a system-as-is accustomed the complete requirements. Propose three best practices that you would advance for the creating of a UML use case from the complete requirements (i.e. selecting actors and operations). • Evaluate operationalization diagrams and UML use case diagrams in affiliation to operational models. Select the diagram that you accept represents operation models clearer. Defend your position.   Discussion 2 "Instance Behaviors" Please acknowledge to the following: • From the additional e-Activity, ( actuate whether you accept that the behavior of a arrangement can or cannot be captured after application UML arrangement diagrams. Provide rationale. • Determine whether or not you accept that every arrangement actuality modeled charge accommodate accompaniment diagrams in adjustment to accept accompaniment transitions. Support your position

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