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   Question One: Most companies do their accounting with computer software programs. Research a abstruse computer or accounting or business annual for their best accepted annual of the best accounting software programs. Describe and analyze their top four programs for their features, advantages/disadvantages, and costs. Which one would you use if you were starting a baby retail abundance and why? Question Two: Dress-for-Success, Inc. is a acknowledged C Corporation in its sixth year of business and already has $5 actor gross sales. The aggregation sells and automatically ships acclaim acclimated accouterment items to online customers. It collects the annual anchored fee at the alpha of anniversary ages and ships one annual anniversary week. The owner, Linda Smith, does not see any acumen to chase GAAP accounting principles. The aggregation is not about traded but does put the banking statements on the company’s Web folio for barter to see. Research this affair and acknowledgment the following: Explain how Dress-for-Success is accounting for the affairs beneath the banknote base adjustment and how she should annual for them if she did chase GAAP. Should Dress-for-Success, Inc. use GAAP? Why or why not? Are there any ethical issues in this situation? Explain.

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