Central Michigan University Definition of Terms

Assignment One

Developmental      Psychology

Six      principles of the lifespan perspective

Cohort.        What generation are you?


  • Culture
  • Lifespan      vs Life expectancy

  • Periods      of development with age ranges
  • Three      big issues in lifespan development

  • Four      important historical developers
  • Erik      Erikson

  • Erikson’s      psychosocial stages.  Age range, crisis and positive resolution
  • Behaviorism

  • Social      learning theory
  • Four      important people with cognitive theories

  • Piaget’s      stages of cognitive development. Stage, age range, characteristics, stage      attainments
  • Microsystem

  • Mesosystem
  • Exosystem

  • Macrosystem
  • Chronosystem

  • Three      major types of research design
  • Seven      types of descriptive research

  • Third      variable
  • Goal      of descriptive research, advantages and disadvantages

  • Goal      of Correlational research, advantages and disadvantages
  • Goal      of experimental research, advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages      and disadvantages of Time span research designs
  • Five considerations when conducting ethical research

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