Catcth Us If You Can Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1 Rory and his grandfathering are cat-and-mouse to see Dr Nicol, their family doctor at the doctor’s cat-and-mouse room. Rory calls his grandfathering as Granda. Granda cannot sit still. He goes off to smoke his aqueduct and comes back. Granda walks over to the noticeboard. There is an old woman sitting beside it. Rory asks Granda to sit still. A adolescent babe about sixteen years old comes in with a babyish in her arms. Granda stands up and opens the aperture for her. Granda asks Rory to advice to booty her bag. Granda brand the babyish and starts talking to it. The adolescent babe giggles and says the babyish name is Lorelei. Granda afresh asks if the adolescent babe calls her babyish afterwards Marilyn Monroe and she is confused. The adolescent babe afresh says that her baby’s name is Lorelei and not Marilyn. Granda is acceptable about films and Marilyn Monroe is one of his favourites. Suddenly the old woman smells smoke. The adolescent babe additionally smells it as well. She all-overs up and shouts that Granda is on fire. Everyone in the doctor’s cat-and-mouse allowance sees that Granda’s abridged is burning. Afresh the smoke anxiety begins to wail. The agent rushes to them yet Granda is still smiling. Rory grabs a boutonniere abounding with flowers from the receptionist’s adverse and throws the baptize all over Granda. Dr Nicol is afraid to see Mister McIntosh wet. Granda complains that Rory is aggravating to asphyxiate him. Rory says that it is not the aboriginal time his grandfathering sets article on fire. Dr Nicol brand Granda and Rory; both are like bifold act that consistently makes him laugh. Dr Nicol is animated that he has a grandson like Rory who looks afterwards him and reminds him to booty his medicine. Dr Nicol tries to get Rory a home help. Rory agrees that a home advice will be a acceptable abstraction but Granda does not like it. Granda’s anamnesis is accepting bad from worse. He leaves shoes in the fridge and milk at the basal of the wardrobe. Rory needs advice to attending afterwards his grandfather who is actual absent nowadays. CHAPTER 2 Rory’s grandfathering brand to accumulate his appointment ‘somewhere safe’ and Rory is aggravating adamantine to locate his homework. Granda remembers putting it in Rory’s academy bag aback he is putting the debris bottomward the chute. Rory’s assumption is appropriate aback he finds a bag of eggshells and potato peelings in his academy bag. He imagines his appointment lying amid the rubbish. Rory does not apperceive how to acquaint to his teacher, Mrs Foley. Darren Fisher, Rory’s best acquaintance suggests to him by adage that aliens booty it away. Rory’s alternative classmates accumulate about him at the amphitheater aggravating to advice him too. His accompany like Granda and his stories. Granda is about arrested for annexation aback a hanger with a clothing on it gets bent in the belt of his cape and he walks out of the boutique afterwards acquainted it. Rory confesses to Mrs Foley about the accident of his homework. Mrs Foley asks about Granda’s action and if he is advancing to Parents’ Night. Granda never misses it before. Mrs Foley asks Rory to break aback and do the homework. However, Rory cannot break aback because Granda is authoritative cafeteria and is cat-and-mouse for him to accept cafeteria together. Rory runs out of the amphitheater appear his flats. He buys two hot pies, one for him and one for Granda. Granda does not chef at all; in actuality Rory has to accompany him cafeteria every day. Rory has to accomplish abiding Granda takes his anesthetic too. Granda is old now and Rory thinks that he has the albatross to attending afterwards him. Chapter 3 Mr Hood, Rory, Darren and Mary Bailey are at the field area football convenance is activity on. Mr Hood asks Rory to be in the football team. Rory refuses as he has to attending afterwards his Granda. Darren and Mary quarrel. Mr Hood drags Mary to the headmaster's office. Darren afresh suggests Rory to be on the team. Rory states the aforementioned reason. Darren thinks that Rory's Granda should be in a home and Rory is affronted about it. Granda consistently talks about Rachnadar, the bounded old people's hospital to Rory. His Granda would rather die than to alive there. Darren's mother tells Darren that Rory's Granda will be bigger there. Rory runs off afore Darren could say addition word. Granda alone has Rory and Rory alone has granda as his kin. Rory tries his best to drillmaster Granda on how to behave as Parents' Night is advancing up soon. He wants to assure Mrs Foley that Granda has all his marbles. One day, Rory comes home to ascertain that Granda afield peels a bag of apples and cuts them into chips. Granda thinks that the apples are potatoes! Granda additionally tries to advice with the affable but he leaves the electric rings about-face on and burns out a pot. That night Rory and Granda are watching television aback Granda watches Rory closely. Rory is cerebration about his father. Granda is affronted at the acknowledgment of Rory's father. Granda and Granny accept besmirched him too much. He gets what he wants as a child. Aback he is annoyed of them, he throws them aside. He treats Rory's mother in the aforementioned way. Rory's ancestor leaves Rory's mother and Rory aback he is a baby. Granda does not appetite to allocution about Rory's father. Granda alone has a son, none alternative than Rory! Chapter 4 Rory and his Granda airing to the academy on Parents' Night. Granda wears slippers and they go aback home afresh to change so they are the aftermost to arrive. There are abounding parents cat-and-mouse patiently in queue. Darren comes and greets Granda. Granda looks about ans asks area Holy Foley is. Granda then goes to the toilet on his own. He does not appetite Rory to accompany him. Rory is afraid about Granda. Luckily Granda steps aback into the classroom. It is Rory's about-face and Mrs Foley talks to Granda about Rory's homework. Granda leans advanced and says that Mrs Foley absolutely has moustache, aloof as what Rory has told him! Suddenly, Mrs Foley smells that article is on fire. Clouds of smoke is billowing from the abridged of Granda's covering blind on a hook. Afresh Mrs Foley's coat, anemic blooming with a little analogous scarf is on blaze too because it is beside Granda's coat. People airing out of the classroom into the amphitheater as the babysitter ushers them. Granda goes to the toilet earlier to booty a puff. Then he puts his aqueduct in his abridged but he forgets about it. However, Granda finds the accomplished affair funny and agitative aloof like alternative boys feel. Luckily, Darren's ancestor helps to put out the fire. Mrs Foley looks at Granda angrily. Chapter 5 Darren and Rory's other friends are captivated with Granda's attack to 'set the academy on fire' and they amplify on it. Granda admits that it charge accept been his fault. Darren's mother is afraid that it ability appear afresh maybe in the average of the night at Rory's home. She thinks that Rory should not shoulder such big responsibility. He should be arena football! Rory confirms it will not appear as he hides Granda's aqueduct afore he goes to bed. Meanwhile, Val Jessup, the amusing worker comes to see Granda and Rory. She is beatific by Dr Nicol. Val Jessup is aggravating to organise a home advice who comes in at lunchtime and prepares aliment for Granda. She will additionally accomplish abiding Granda takes his medicine. With the home help, Rory dreams of abutting the football aggregation again. Val Jessup makes Granda thinks of Grace Kelly, a admirable blur brilliant aloof because both accept fair hair! Granda tucks Rory into bed and Rory thinks activity will be bigger as they accept a amusing artisan now. Mrs Foley asks Rory about things at home. Rory tells that now they accept a amusing artisan and will accept a home advice soon. One day afterwards school, Rory runs for the bakery and two hot pies. The chef tells Rory about his flats which is on fire. Rory rushes to his flats. His neighbour, Mrs MacKay scolds Granda for causing the fire. Rory is actual affronted with her. He tries to avert his Granda. Rory throws himself at her and tries to bang her. The policemen stop him. One policeman informs Rory that Granda is in hospital now but he will be all right. Rory recalls that he hides his Granda's pipe. However, the policeman tells Rory that Granda leaves the dent an on and forgets about it. this causes the fire. Rory is abashed as he does not apperceive what is his Granda accomplishing with a dent pan. CHAPTER 1 Characters: 1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather) 2. Rory 3. Dr Nicol (Granda’s and Rory’s ancestors doctor) 4. old woman 5. adolescent babe 6. babyish (Lorelei) 7. Marilyn Monroe (was an American actress) 8. agent CHAPTER 2 Characters: 1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather) 2. Rory 3. Mrs Foley (Rory’s teacher) 4. Darren Fisher (Rory’s best friend) 5. Rory’s classmates CHAPTER 3 Characters: . Mr Hood 2. Rory McIntosh 3. Darren 4. Mary Bailey 5. Granda 6. Darren's mum 7. Mrs Foley 8. Rory's parents CHAPTER 4 Characters: 1. Granda (Mister McIntosh) 2. Parents 3. Mrs Foley (Holy Foley) 4. Darren 5. Darren's ancestor CHAPTER 5 Characters: 1. Granda 2. Darren 3. Mrs Foley 4. Rory's accompany 5. Some of the parents 6. the babysitter 7. Darren's mother 8. Rory 9. Val Jessup (the amusing worker) 10. Dr Nicol 11. a home advice 12. Grace Kelly (a admirable blur star) 13. Mrs MacKay (Rory's neighbour) 14. the policemen CHAPTER 1 Settings: 1. doctor’s cat-and-mouse allowance 2. toilet 3. the abode 4. receptionist’s board 5. he fridge 6. basal of the apparel 7. Dr Nicol’s appointment 8. Rory’s abridged CHAPTER 2 Settings: 1. on the table 2. in the schoolbag 3. kitchen 4. channel 5. academy 6. amphitheater 7. alley 8. beyond the artery 9. block of flats 10. the bakers' CHAPTER 3 Settings: 1. Football acreage 2. amphitheater 3. headmaster's appointment 4. Rachnadar, the bounded old people's hospital (home) 5. Rory's home CHAPTER 4 Settings: 1. academy 2. the toilets 3. the classrooms 4. Rory's home 5. the amphitheater CHAPTER 5 Settings: 1. the academy 2. active allowance 3. Rory's bedchamber 4. the toilet 5. Granda's bedchamber 6. the bakery 7. flats 8. the hospital

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