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Case Study Lab work Develop a plan to advance a website on "henrynet". Use all the techniques that you've abstruse in this advance to body your plan and backpack out your attack. Your hacking action should be conducted back the server will be on starting on Friday at 11:55 PM and end on Sunday at 11:55 PM.  "henrynet" is what I alarm my fictitious domain, on that domain, there is a web server, you are to acquisition the webserver application the tools, the webserver has no URL, so you will accept to acquisition the IP abode of the webserver. You will plan an attack on the webserver, not the domain. The ambition is to achieve axis off the website or altering the website of "Grandma's Famous Cookies for Diabetics" which is on the server mentioned below. Remember, you would accept to aboriginal analyze the web server on the domain. and drudge into the web server to about-face off or adapt the website or booty the web server down. You will be application the beneath server on anchorage 2222 as your barrage point.  Remember the Server you will use is: ssh -p 2222 Login@ Paper Write a 4 to 5 folio cardboard (excluding appellation and advertence pages) beat answer the book you did aloft with screenshots included.    Add Lab screenshots and explain the accomplish performed. Include references and citations. APA format You will be arena abduction the flag.  Presentation Body a PowerPoint presentation 10-15 slides on the aforementioned affair you aloof declared in your paper. 

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