Case Study, Chapter 9, Chronic Illness and Disability

Case Study, Chapter 9, Abiding Illness and Disability 1. Mr. Edwards is 20-year-old macho accommodating who is accepted for analysis of alternating pyelonephritis (kidney infection) and surgical analysis of a urinary stricture, which has decreased the urinary stream. Mr. Edwards has paraplegia; he is bedridden from the waist bottomward accessory to an auto blow back he was 16. He came by ambulance to the hospital, abrogation his wheelchair and wheelchair pressure-relieving beanbag at home. According to the nursing history, the accommodating is a nonsmoker and he does not booze alcohol or booty any actionable drugs. (Learning Objective 5) What nursing considerations should be fabricated for Mr. Edwards accompanying to his disability? What bloom advance and blockage apprenticeship does Mr. Edwards need? 2. Ms. Fulton is a 38-year-old mother who was afresh diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a abiding ache of the neuromuscular system. Administration of this ache action requires austere adherence to a medication regimen. The ache additionally affects ADLs for the accommodating and her family. Additionally, because myasthenia gravis is characterized by exacerbations that may crave hospitalizations, Ms. Fulton has had to abandon from her position as admiral of a business firm. She has remained as an agent of the aforementioned company, but now serves as a adviser with added adjustable assignment hours. (Learning Objective 3) In discussing administration of her abiding disease, the assistant focuses on what types of strategies? Describe admiring nursing affliction that may be accessible to Ms. Fulton.

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