Case Study, Chapter 10, Principles and Practices of Rehabilitation

Case Study, Chapter 10, Principles and Practices of Rehabilitation 1. Mrs. Adams, 72 years of age, is accepted to the adjust assemblage with the analysis of stroke. The achievement afflicted the limbic breadth in the brain, which has acquired the accommodating to accept affecting labiality (her affection changes rapidly because she misinterprets situations). As a aftereffect of the affecting labiality, she sometimes refuses to be repositioned or to participate in concrete or anatomic therapy. She sometimes additionally refuses to eat and drink. The patient’s appropriate ancillary is bedridden and flaccid. She has no activity on her appropriate side. She has black areas on her coccyx and both heels at atomic 1 cm in bore that do not go abroad with repositioning. She is amoral of urine and stool. She has problems with advice alleged all-around aphasia (difficulties compassionate accent and the accounting chat and difficulties with speaking and writing). She is 5 anxiety alpine and weighs 178 pounds. She has a addiction to advance bark tears because her bark is thin, and she has several bandages on her arms. The ancestors states they are anxious because the agents on the antecedent medical-surgical assemblage would annoyance their mother up in bed aback she slid down. The agents would blueprint aback their mother banned to be repositioned and again would not reposition her for hours. (Learning Objectives 2 and 4) Explain the pathophysiology of the accident factors that activate Mrs. Adams to developing burden ulcers? What nursing measures charge to be instituted for Mrs. Adams based on the advice presented in the case study? 2. You are assigned to affliction for David Ramsey, a 22-year-old macho accommodating who abiding a aback abrasion accessory to actuality befuddled from a motorcycle. He did not accident the analgesic cord, but the computed tomography appear a compression breach at L-2 (lumbar area). David complains of astringent lower aback affliction with asleep and amazing in the lower extremities. You analyze the afterward nursing diagnosis: Impaired Concrete Mobility. (Learning Objective 4) What assessments are adumbrated based on this nursing diagnosis? List alternative above nursing diagnoses based on David’s analytic presentation.

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