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Case Study: Prescribed Drugs with CAMs Mr. X, a 42-year-old macho presents to your primary affliction convenance today accusatory of low aback pain.  Mr. X states that he has had abiding low aback affliction aback he had a skiing blow about 10 years ago. Three canicule ago, he acquainted a affairs awareness in his lower aback afterwards affective some boxes. The affliction acuteness added over the consecutive 24 hours and is now steady, aching in nature, at 3-4 out of 10. Mr. X additionally has Type2 diabetes, which is able-bodied controlled on metformin with a HGA1c of 5.6. He has a history of DVT 4 months ago for which he takes Coumadin, INR is WNL. He is followed by a specialist for this problem. He afresh started demography two OTC products; kava kava for what he describes as “anxiety” and CoEnzyme Q10 on the admonition of a friend.

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