Capstone (20 hours)

  1) Minimum 6 abounding pages (No chat calculation per page)- Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per part.             Part 1: Minimum 2 pages             Part 2: minimum 2 pages             Part 3: minimum 2 pages             Part 4: minimum 2 pages     Submit 1 certificate per part 2)¨******APA norms           All paragraphs charge be anecdotal and cited in the text- anniversary paragraph           Bulleted responses are not accepted           Don't address in the aboriginal person            Don't archetype and adhesive the questions.           Answer the catechism objectively, do not achieve introductions to your answers, acknowledgment it back you alpha the paragraph Submit 1 certificate per part 3)****************************** It will be absolute by Turnitin (Identify the allotment of exact bout of autograph with any alternative ability on the internet and bookish sources, including universities and abstracts banks)  ********************************It will be absolute by SafeAssign (Identify the allotment of affinity of autograph with any alternative ability on the internet and bookish sources, including universities and abstracts banks) 4) Minimum 3 references per allotment not earlier than 5 years All references charge be constant with the topic-purpose-focus of the parts. Different references are not allowed. 5) Analyze your acknowledgment with the numbers, according to the question. Alpha your acknowledgment on the aforementioned line, not the next Example: Q 1. Nursing is XXXXX Q 2. Bloom is XXXX 6) You charge name the files according to the allotment you are answering:  Example: Part 1.doc  Part __________________________________________________________________________________ Part 1:  Restructuring in depth You are the administrator at a home bloom agency. There are 22 RNs in your amount of control. In a affair today, John Dao, the CNO, tells you that your amount of ascendancy needs acclimation to be effective. Therefore, the CNO has absitively to abrade the alignment an decentralize the department. To achieve this, he affairs to baptize three of your agents as about-face coordinators. These about-face coordinators will agenda accommodating visits for all the agents on their about-face and be answerable for the agents that they supervisor. The CNO believes that this restructuring will accord you added time for implementing a connected affection advance affairs and announcement agents development. Although you are animated to accept the befalling to activate these new projects, you are somewhat cryptic about the role expectations of the new about-face coordinators and how this will change your job description. In fact,you anguish tha this is aloof a forerunner to the abolishment of your position. Will these about-face coordinators address to you? If so, will you ave absolute band ascendancy or agents authority? Who should be amenable for evaluating the achievement of he agents nurses now? Who will handle agent antidotal problems? How complex should the about-face coordinators be in cardinal planning or chargeless abutting year's budget? What types of administering training will be bare by the about-face coordinators to adapt for their new role? Are you the best adapted actuality to alternation them? There is a abundant abeyant for battle here 1. Achieve a account of 10 questions that you would appetite to ask the CNO at your abutting affair to analyze role expectations.  2. Discuss accoutrement and abilities that you accept acquirements that could achieve this role change beneath alarming for all involved. Part 2: Power, politics, and Collective Acceding on Organizational Climate List and abutment your affidavit for or adjoin striking. You are a agents assistant in the ICU in one of your city's two hospitals. You accept formed at this hospital for 5 years and transferred to the ICU 2 years ago. You adulation nursing but are sometimes balked in your job due to a abbreviate accumulation of nurses, boundless overtime demands, and the accent of alive with such alarmingly ill patients. The hospital has a bankrupt shop, so abutment ante are deducted from your pay alike admitting you are not actively complex in the union. The present abutment arrangement is up for renegotiation, and abutment and administering accept been clumsy to accede on abounding issues. Back administering fabricated its aftermost offer, the new arrangement was alone by the nurses. Now that the old arrangement has expired, nurses are chargeless to bang if they vote to do so.  You had voted for accepting the administering offer; you accept two accouchement to support, and it would be adverse to be after assignment for a continued time. Aftermost night, the nurses voted on whether to acknowledgment to the acceding table and try to renegotiate with administering or to go out on strike. Again, you voted for no strike. You accept aloof heard from your acquaintance that the bang vote won. Now, you charge adjudge if you are activity to abutment your arresting colleagues or cantankerous the blockade band and acknowledgment to assignment tomorrow. Your accompany are pressuring you to abutment their cause. You apperceive that the abutment will accommodate some banking advantage during the bang but accept that it will not be able for you to abutment yourself and your children. Yo accede with abutment assertions that the alignment has busy and underpaid you and that it has been about above to nursing needs. On the alternative hand, you accept that your aboriginal obligation is your children.   Using a analytic and accommodation authoritative abilities model  1. How you would admission analytic this difficult decision.  2. Describe how you accustomed at your decision.  3. How abounding alternatives did you generate?  4. If you were financially abiding after a ancestors would your accommodation accept been the same?   Part 3: Power, politics, and Collective Acceding on Organizational Climate Purpose: This week's graded affair relates to the afterward Course Outcome (CO).  Plan analytic convenance activities that accommodate able nursing standards in accordance with the Nursing Code of Ethics and the American Nurses' Association standards of convenance (CO5). The ethical guidelines provided by the American Nurses Association's Code of Ethics can advice nurses in the face of an ethical dilemma. The Code consists of nine accoutrement which outline  statements of the obligations of nurses, and the interpretative statements which accommodate added specific advice in the appliance of the accoutrement to nursing practice. 1. Which of the provision(s) do you accept is (are) added important to your circadian practice? Explain your answer. 2. How do you accommodate the ANA Code of Ethics in your circadian practice? 3. Accept you been faced with a bearings in which you had to achieve an ethical decision? How did you boldness the ethical issue? 4. What is the purpose of the Code of Ethics?  5. Which of the accoutrement you accept is  Part 4 : Due 24 hours     Case Study The administering of the bounded analytical admission hospital has asked the practitioner to adapt a association account affairs to conduct sports physicals for bounded inferior aerial and aerial academy athletes at no amount to the student. The practitioner has the use of the accepted physician appointment amplitude or the facility’s ample affair amplitude and will recruit physicians, assistant practitioners, nursing staff, and medical technicians to conduct the sports physicals. Based on a analysis of adjacent academy districts, the administering expects to serve 100 to 150 apprentice athletes over the 2 canicule the physicals will be offered. Case Questions 1. Which architecture would best finer serve the needs of the acceptance in this program? Include application of the amplitude called for administering the program. 2. Which amplitude would be best adapted to use for the affairs and why? 3. What are the drawbacks to the assembly-line format? 4. Which concrete assay focus credibility could the nursing agents and medical technicians be assigned to complete? 5. Back the practitioner is advancing to acquaint the affairs actuality offered, the bounded bi-weekly asks the practitioner to analyze three of the capital objectives of the sports physicals for an article. How would the practitioner respond?

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