BUSN 311 Unit 2 Probability and Distributions

Unit 2 – Probability and Distributions

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This is a single paragraph, no indentation is required. The next page will be an abstract; “a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article; it allows the readers to survey the contents of an article quickly” (Publication Manual, 2010). The length of this abstract should be 35-50 words (2-3 sentences). NOTE: the abstract must be on page 2 and the body of the paper will begin on page 3.
Dear [Recipient]:
Provide a brief introduction (2-3 sentences) to the email you are writing to provide a preview of what will be covered. 
Overview of the Data Set
Provide an overview for the current data set. What variables does it include? Which are qualitative, which are quantitative? What categories are used and why are they used? Begin your e-mail to AIU by first providing an overview of the database, that is, a story about the characteristics that may include types of variables, etc. 
Use of Statistics and Probability in the Real World
This is a great place for outside research. Be sure to include information about where statistics are being used in the workplace.
The Value of Statistics
Explain the value of statistics and its contribution to the success of an organization. This is a great place for outside research. 
DistributionsWrite a brief introduction (1-2 sentences) about the information you can find in a distribution table. Why is this information useful to AIU? 
Then complete the following distribution tables. Please pay attention to whether you should present the results in terms of percentages or simple counts.
Distribution of Individuals by Gender
Gender Percentage
Tenure with Company Distribution by Gender
Please note that you do NOT have to convert these into percentages. You may leave them in a count format.
Under 2 years 2-5 Years Over 5 years


Percentage of the Survey Participants in Each Department
Department Percentage
Information Technology
Human Resources
Sample Mean for Extrinsic Value by Gender
Gender Mean Extrinsic Value
Male Female Probabilities
Write a brief 1-2 sentence introduction about which probabilities you will calculate and why the information is useful for AIU. 
Then complete the following table. Please remember to always use the TOTAL number of respondents for your denominator when calculating each probability. 
Classification Count Probability
Probability that an individual will be between 16–21 years of age
Probability that an individual’s overall job satisfaction is 5.2 or lower
Probability that an individual will be a female in the human resources department
Probability that an individual will be a salaried employee whose intrinsic satisfaction value is 5 or more
Probabilities in the Business World
RESEARCH REQUIRED: other ways that probability is used in business. Deductions for not using APA format are applied in this section.
Write a brief conclusion that sums up the importance of the information contained in this email. Sum it all up for the reader in a few sentences in the same way you would do in a professional environment!
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Your title
NOTE: The reference list starts on a new page after your conclusion. 
For help with formatting citations and references using rules outlined in the APA Manual’s 6th Edition, please check out the AIU APA guide located under the Interactive Learning section on the left side of the course. 
American Psychological Association [APA]. (2010) Publication manual of the American
Psychological association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.
Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) (2005). ALWD citation manual: A professional
system of citation (3rd ed.). New York: Aspen Publishers.

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