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Myrna, a 40-year old teacher, wants to move to Chicago because of a job offer.  She owns a abode in St. Louis, her accustomed residence, which has been acquainted and admired by a able absolute acreage adjudicator at$500,000.   She acquaint a "For Sale" assurance in the backyard that declared "Make an Offer".  Ned, who is a accidental acquaintance of Myrna's, responded to the assurance and fabricated an arrangement with Myrna to bout her house.   Later, Ned arrive Myrna to banquet to altercate the abode and a accessible sale. Myrna and Ned had a comfortable dinner, and 2 glasses of wine anniversary with dinner.   At the end of dinner, Ned offered Myrna $225,000 for her house; Myrna accepted. Ned and Myrna active a sales contract, but afore the accord was completed and afore the accomplishment was transferred to Ned, Myrna's ancestors approved to appetite Myrna to abolish the abolish the arrangement claiming that the arrangement was unenforceable. Analyze the accord amid Myrna and Ned.  Is the arrangement enforceable?  Why or why not? min 300 words

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