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   - Scenario A You are an broker of 55 years of age that has adored 450.000€ afterwards years of working. Since you are cerebration on your retirement, you accept developed a added accident afraid character. Until the day you retire, absolutely 10 years from today, you acquirement a banking artefact that will pay a 7,5 % affirmed dividend. This advance has a ability date of 10 years. Once you retire at the age of 65 you won’t advance in annihilation abroad and the money you accept you plan to absorb it all until the day you die at the age of 100 years of age.  After answer this accommodation to your banking advisor, she suggests that there are some banking articles that would accord you a account acquittal of X until the day you die apropos the age. With the bulk that you accept adored up to today the allowance aggregation offers you a acquittal of 3% yearly.    Calculate the following: - Scenario A -Determine the Future Value of the aboriginal banking product. -Determine the account bulk that you would be accepting if you booty the advantage offered by the allowance company. -Argue what accommodation would be best if you lived up to a 100. At what age would you adjudge that the additional accommodation is best?

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