Business communication Need in 7 hours .

MAny college students carry high balnaces on credit cards, in addition to student and car loans . You want to remind students on your campus to use credit cards responsibly . 

Answer the follwoing questions :

1) What socioeconomic groups do students on your caopus come from ?

2) Do sutdents on your campus frequently recieve credit card solicitations in the mail ? do groups set up tables or booths inviting students to apply for credit cards?

3) what rsources exist on camus or in town for people who need money emergency funds ? for people who are over extended financially ? 

4) What channel will best reach students on your campus ? 

5) What tone will work best to reach the students who are overextended and really need to reach the document ?

Part 2: 

Define you audience – Give advice on how to use credit cards responsibly

Part 3:

1 page double spaced white paper ( intro/ body/conclusion) on how to use credit cards . When writing explain and write as if the person has no idea of what your speaking about . Very straight and to the point . No fluffling needed . 


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