Business Communication: Memo

Imagine that you are golf buddies with Edward Mike of Tiger Oil Company, and since he is having communication challenges with his staff, you have offered to rewrite the memo to his company on his behalf. Your memo should include the key directions he is trying to convey, but they must be expressed in a more professional and effective manner with language that is appropriate for the audience.


Format/Medium: Memo

Organization:choose appropriate organization strategy (Inductive VS Deductive)

Aydience Appeal: Choose appropriate style(s) (I-Centered VS You-Centered)


You are expected to work a minimum of eight hours a day from Monday through Friday. If you do not want to eat the food that is prepared here, don’t do me any favors by eating it. Go out to lunch, and when you go out- you make sure that you sign out, and when you come back- you sign back in. You are given one hour for lunch. If business or some delayed reason prohibits you from coming back in that one hour- please have the courtesy to call so that we may know when you will be back or what the problem is. Then that way I won’t have to wonder whether you have been here eight hours or not.

This letter is intended to respect you people as people. Adhere to it or other measures will have to be taken to replace you. I am sorry if this hurts your feelings, but I am not running a business for your benefit. I expect a minimum- I repeat myself- a minimum of 40 hours per week. No one is exempt from this.

I suggest that you people buy enough cigarettes to keep here for yourselves to smoke because, by God, you will not go and buy them on my time.

Anyone that needs to be off for whatever the various reasons may be, as long as they notify someone and do not make a habit of it, I will be more than glad to respect your wish providing you respect the one I have just said above.

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