BUSI 119 San Diego Mesa College Business Startup Portfolio


Option A

or B

Option A

Based on the career and company you identified in your Job Analysis report, prepare the following:

Cover letter to a specific individual within the company – this must be a real person

Memo describing a SWOT analysis for this company

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

  • the SWOT is about the company, and written to the same person identified above
  • A PowerPoint Branding Portfolio about yourself, highlighting your career achievements, and detailing how you will help the company take advantage of specific opportunities identified in your SWOT analysis.

    This can draw from your Personal Brand, but it is targeted to a specific company, and formatted as a PowerPoint presentation.

    Option B

    Identify a feasible business idea that you would like to develop, and identify a potential investor – this must be a real person, not an anonymous “investor” – and prepare the following:

  • Request for Resources Letter – describe your product/service, including market demand. You may want to use a problem-solution format. Identify potential investors and write a persuasive letter asking for funding. Make a plausible argument based on evidence to show projected return on investment.
  • Internal Memo – Write a memo to your team describing operations, and clarify roles and responsibilities. You may want to supplement with a table/chart.

    Bad News – Write a memo to your investors explaining that you are behind schedule. Include cause-effect and problem-solution structures to present the information.

    Press Release – Write a press release using proper format describing your product/service. Provide newsworthy information about benefits to a distinct target market.

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