BUS 661 Change at DuPont ( BUS661 Change at DuPont ) ( BUS/661 Change at DuPont )

BUS 661: Change at DuPont

Read the case study Change at DuPont from the end of chapter 7 in your text.  Answer the following questions in a three- to four- page APA style paper; include outside sources to support your answers.

a. To what extent are the following approaches to change embedded in the DuPont story (justify your answer, providing specific examples):

                          • OD

                          • Appreciative inquiry

                          • Sense-making


b. In your opinion, how compatible are these three approaches? Why? What evidence is there in the DuPont story to support your answer?

As a change manager, to what extent could you utilize insights from each approach?


c. Imagine you are an OD practitioner brought into DuPont at the time of the Orlon manufacturing operation closure. Describe the steps you would take to help manage this change based upon action research.


d. Describe a fictional large-scale change that could affect DuPont. You will address this change from both a problem-solving approach and an appreciative inquiry approach. You will explain the change to a group of DuPont employees from each approach (two different change explanations). Compare and contrast the steps taken in each approach. Which approach do you think would work better from the point view of the staff? Why? How easy/difficult will it be to adopt this approach? What broad conclusions can be drawn?


BUS/661 Change at DuPont

BUS661 Change at DuPont

BUS 661 Change at DuPont


BUS 661 Change at DuPont Case Study

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