BIS 318 Week 4 Learning Team Poppler’s Case – DRAFT Proposal

Learning Team

Poppler’s Case – DRAFT Proposal


Poppler’s management wants your team to create a proposal to implement technology upgrades to its inventory and customer management systems. Management wants to know how it can benefit from the introduction of new technology and if the investment will pay off.


You will submit a presentation at the end of week 5 (see Week 5 assignments below).


For week 4, post a brief overview of how you plan to present the proposal using Microsoft® PowerPoint®   in no more than 3 slides.


The proposal should contain:

  • What technologies you think will help Poppler – you may limit the technologies you present, to material covered in weeks one through four of class (technologies covered in week five can be incorporated in the week 5 submission)
  • High-level timeline for implementing the changes

Any known challenges at this time

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