my  Unknown C on   *Lab letters are consistently accounting in the accomplished tense **They are consistently accounting in the third person; never "I"; instead, use "we." The links to the PDF and the website beneath will serve as a advantageous adviser for you; however, amuse bethink that they are aloof that--a guide.  You may not archetype anon from them, nor should you chase them to the letter; rather, amuse use what I accept listed actuality to appointment on and artlessly use them for accepted alignment and structure. Here is what I would like you to appointment on for this anniversary (and I will accommodate this afresh in the absolute appointment certificate that I post): Find at atomic two peer-reviewed, primary accessories that you will use as advertence for both your addition area and possibly for your altercation section. Google Scholar is a acceptable antecedent (, as is PubMed ( Alive on your Introduction.  While I appetite you to put things in your own words, actuality is commodity to get you started and point you in the appropriate direction: "The adeptness to affirm the character of an alien bacillus is an important one, abnormally in the medical field.  In adjustment to be able to appropriately analyze and amusement a accommodating infection, it is analytical that we aboriginal apperceive 1) if the infection is bacterial in attributes and 2) if it is bacterial, again what specific blazon of bacillus it is...."WITHOUT COPYING EXACTLY, YOU CAN USE MY FIRST FEW SENTENCES AS A TEMPLATE.  THEN YOU WILL CONTINUE TO ADD IN HERE.  Finding an commodity or two that references what it's important to apperceive the character of a bacterial antibody or conceivably one that talks about the important tests that are done in adjustment to amount out a bacterium's character ability be advantageous here.  You can additionally included commodity like, "In this course, we were anniversary assigned a bacillus of alien character (designated Alien A, Unknown, B, Alien C, or Alien D).  Our accumulation (use the plural anatomy actuality alike admitting it was aloof you--unless you adjudge to aggregation up with others who accept your aforementioned unknown) was assigned Alien "X" (list your specific alien letter here).  Accustomed that this advance is absolutely online, we were not able to accomplish the absolute abstracts ourselves.   Instead were accustomed the after-effects of our unknowns for anniversary of the tests listed in the Materials and Methods section.  Based on the aggregate of after-effects obtained, our accumulation assured that our assigned alien was (list here).  (While we do not go into after-effects absolutely in the intro, it is nice to accept a absolute account of sorts, aloof to blanket it up nicely.  Addition doesn't charge to be added than a branch or two.) For the Materials and Methods section, usually, you would adduce the lab chiral or whenever you acquired the assorted beginning protocols from, and again busy on any means in which you tweaked/amended the protocols or any mishaps that took abode that conceivably skewed the results.  However, back you did not absolutely accomplish the experiments, we are activity to change this area slightly.  Instead, you will anatomy it as such: "The aboriginal anniversary we were assigned our alien bacterium, we accustomed photos of the bacillus growing on comestible agar plates and in comestible agar broth.  Using the photos provided, forth with a adviser from our adviser on antecedents analysis and advance patterns in borsch culture, we articular the antecedents size, margin, form, and pigment, as able-bodied as the advance actualization in broth. "During the additional anniversary of alive with our unknown, we were accustomed the after-effects of a Gram and flagellar stain, as able-bodied as the after-effects apparent afterwards bang of mannitol salt, MacConkey, and Eosin-Methylene Blue agar."  Here, rather than account what you did (since you absolutely didn't "do" it, you will accommodate a abrupt account of how anniversary analysis works--you'll do the aforementioned for Anniversary 7 and, now, Anniversary 8.  You can use the descriptions of the assorted tests that I accept provided from websites, but you consistently charge to cite. We will alpha alive on the After-effects area abutting week, as you accept basically been provided with all of it and aloof charge to accommodate some of the photos I accept been including, forth with in a amount legend; however, if you appetite to alpha alive on that, you may.

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