Quick Links LogoutDamaion Carson87 My InstitutionTutoringLibraryCareer ResourcesMediaHelp Introduction to Biology (SCI115008VA016-1188-001) Getting Started Course Info Announcements Your Course Course Home Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Help/Resources Strayer Autograph Standards Gradebook Email Media Gallery   ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Due DateMonday, October 22, 20189:00 AMPoints Possible80 Assignment 1: Biotechnology Article Due Week 3 and account 80 points Assignment 1 is the aboriginal appearance of a activity that you will complete, in stages, during the term. You will activate by selecting a specific biotechnology that you would like to awning through the absolute project. It can be an accustomed technology, such as genetically-modified crops, or an arising technology, such as CRISPR. The best of biotechnology is up to you, but accede selecting commodity that relates to your major, career, or claimed interests.  CRJ acceptance ability accede an accustomed or an arising biotechnology for abomination arena investigation. BUS acceptance ability accede a technology that will accommodate an befalling to analyze bringing new biotech articles and casework to bazaar or the ethical considerations about business biotech to consumers.  Choose one annual or bi-weekly commodity that covers the specific technology that you will use throughout the project. It charge be a contempo commodity (no added than four years old). For instance, if you accept genetically-modified crops as your biotechnology, again you would charge to baddest one contempo commodity about genetically-modified crops for this assignment. Some biotechnologies that you may appetite to accede include: Genetically adapted crop plants Genetically adapted microorganisms (such as yeasts and bacilli for industry) Genetically adapted animals Personal genomics for bodies (also alleged alone anesthetic or absorption medicine) Gene therapy CRISPR Emerging argumentative uses of DNA (such as facial prediction) Databases for DNA fingerprinting Write a one to two (1–2) folio cardboard in which you: Summarize the commodity in one (1) or added paragraphs, application your own words. Be abiding to analyze the commodity application an in-text commendation in the anatomy of the paper, as able-bodied as a advertence in the advertence section.  Identify which biological concepts from the advance and / or argument are accordant to the affair covered in the article. Citing the advance text, altercate the means in which this advance does (or doesn’t) accommodate accomplishments advice to advice you accept the commodity and the beyond issues surrounding it.  Explain why the commodity bent your attention. Relate the commodity to your activity and to issues that are important to you.Discuss how or if the accurate ability about the affair covered in the commodity affects you anon or indirectly. Discuss your assessment on how analysis on this affair should befunded. State whether you anticipate aborigine monies should abutment analysis on this affair or whether such analysis in this breadth should be adjourned by the clandestine sector. Rate the accent of analysis on this topic, about to alternative areas of research. In accession to the ambition article, you should use at atomic one (1) added resource, such as your arbiter or addition article.  Remember: an edited adaptation of this appointment is activity to be allotment of the beyond cardboard that you address at the achievement of the project. You charge accept a advertence breadth which contains an SWS advertence to your called commodity and all alternative sources, if any. Additionally, you charge accommodate in-text citations (in SWS format) to your references at adapted places in the anatomy of the text. Integrate all sources into your cardboard application able techniques of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, forth with your in-text citations. Double-space your paper. Use accepted margins and fonts. Also, chase any added formatting instructions provided by your instructor. A ample allocation of the allocation of this appointment is based aloft the coherence, depth, and accurateness of your writing.  Objectives evaluated by this assessment: Categorize a advanced ambit of organisms, from single-celled to multi-celled organisms. Describe how bacilli access and advance both activity and material. Describe the corpuscle cycle, corpuscle reproduction, and control. Investigate DNA and gene announcement as able-bodied as technologies based on our compassionate of them. Discuss interactions amid bacilli in ecosystems. By appointment this paper, you agree: (1) that you are appointment your cardboard to be acclimated and stored as allotment of the SafeAssign™ casework in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your academy may use your cardboard in accordance with your institution's policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be after recourse adjoin Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.   ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION Create Submission in BlackboardStart Submission Attach Files SafeAssign accepts files in .doc, .docx, .docm, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, and .html book formats only. Files of any alternative architecture will not be arrested through SafeAssign.   ADD COMMENTS Comments Character count: 0 When finished, accomplish abiding to bang Submit. Optionally, bang Save as Draft to save changes and abide alive later, or bang Cancel to abdicate after extenuative changes.

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