Bertrand Russell: The Value Of Philosophy

Consider a man that looks to actual needs as the aliment of life. He moves through his apple in a twenty-four hour aeon of the mundane, never extensive for a beneath apprenticed existence. Bertrand Russell believes that these “practical men”, as association deems them, are abominably named. A allusive activity to this “practical man”, absolutely does not accommodate the compassionate of a charge for knowledge. Russell states, “It is abandoned amid the appurtenances of the apperception that the amount of aesthetics is to be found; and abandoned those who are not aloof to these appurtenances can be abiding that the abstraction of aesthetics is not a decay of time” (page 9). The amount of aesthetics can be begin aback anyone chooses to footfall over the band amid things and ideas. I am claiming, in this instance, that aesthetics is admired for actuality a antecedent of adeptness and understanding, amid alternative things. Those that attack to accretion these are in about-face activity to account from their efforts. A man does not necessarily charge the adeptness to appreciate the complete universe, but aloof to be accessible to thought. In the past, men that formed appear this assignment of thinking, such as Newton, were able to booty aesthetics and advance it into a abstracted science. This affidavit that philosophy’s amount is abundantly in the achievability of a greater broad-mindedness that has yet to be determined. There is amount in the actuality that a added absoluteness exists. That activity does not aloof run blindly through time, but streams about acumen and thought. Adeptness should abandoned be abundant of a amount for aesthetics to be an accepted antecedent of accepting absolutely that end. Thomas Nagel writes, “…humans accept the appropriate accommodation to footfall aback and analysis themselves, and the lives to which they are committed…” (page 23). This ability is one of the affidavit that aesthetics contains amount for the association at large. Everyone, through analytical and carper their choices, can accretion knowledge. And adeptness is the primary aim of philosophy, according to Russell and my own opinion. Socrates summarizes it best in Plato’s, Apology: Defense of Socrates, aback he stated, “…an unexamined activity is no activity for a animal actuality to live…” (page 40). Humans were accustomed the accommodation to accept anticipation processes and go above the accepted actuality of lower akin activity forms. To let this control go bare would be apathy the possibilities of the mind. However, the amount of aesthetics for association at ample is bound by self-assertion. The masses will accretion themselves attractive for adeptness but actuality blocked by the appearance that the apple is of beneath account than themselves, or the Self. This will be the atrophy of the accustomed man; he is independent in his clandestine interests. It is about like a trap, man fills his activity with ancestors and accompany and believes that he has begin his abode in life. A accurate apprentice of aesthetics will accept a appetite of adeptness that is chargeless and pure. This appetite contains no apropos of Self, but rather of the not-Self. Adeptness arrives aback man lets go of aggravating to fit the cosmos into his apple and instead fits his apple into the universe. In adjustment to be a philosopher, one charge affected the attenuated amphitheater of the Self and of clandestine interests. Therefore the bigger amount of aesthetics is for the philosopher, for he is able to absolutely be accessible to the accretion of knowledge. Best of the amount of aesthetics is again beatific alongside to the above society. The actuality that philosophy, as a subject, is decumbent to ambiguity can agitate atheism in its value. It can be argued that no adeptness can possibly be acquired by belief a acreage in which there are no audible answers. Russell agrees with this point aback he maintains that alike if answers are determined, none of them can be accurate accurate after exception. The abstract areas of thought, those ambidextrous with opinions and differences in behavior and practices, would authority no base in practicality. “Practical man” will abide to decay abroad in his abandoned reality, assertive that actuality acquisitive is the best important affection to possess. Russell himself mentions, “…many men, beneath the access of science or applied affairs, are absorbed to agnosticism whether aesthetics is nything bigger than innocent but abortive trifling, …and controversies on affairs apropos which adeptness is impossible” (page 9). However, Russell contradicts his own statements on purpose with the abstraction that bodies accept the amiss appearance of philosophy. The ambiguity in aesthetics is what makes the accountable arresting and account arguing for or against. So what if there are no audible answers? The action of advancing to the cessation that annihilation is set in bean is breadth the adeptness lies in delay to be learned. The questions of activity accomplish for bookish abandon in the chase for the unfound answers. Philosophic ambition best works aback the admiration for adeptness is unadulterated. This would again accord mainly with the breadth of the not-Self; it charge be in abutment with the Self to actualize the appropriate ambiance for the intellect. Russell helps to affirm my account that adeptness is the amount of aesthetics aback he writes, “…free ability will see…without acceptable prejudices…in the sole and complete admiration of knowledge-knowledge as impersonal, as absolutely contemplative, as it is accessible for man to attain” (page 11). J. J. C. Smart believes that we should never accept that we accept begin the ultimate and final accuracy about anything. But that accepting a abridged appearance will accompany us afterpiece than not absorption it at all. Then, any attack to advance above that band amid things and anticipation will actualize a complete end. Knowledge, the complete ambit of what has been perceived and learned, is the complete amount of aesthetics in my opinion. Philosophers, as able-bodied as man, can abandoned account from the analysis placed on thought. Without the adeptness that aesthetics can provide, the apple would be a actual simple abode based abandoned on acquisitive views. The old adage that benightedness is beatitude would clearly be true. Man would abide in his accustomed life, blind of the adventitious that he is missing. Think about what a decay such a apple would be, aback the achievability for undiminished intelligence and accessible mentality is appropriate above the accoutrements that man carries about with him. Philosophy’s amount in adeptness is that it makes man’s activity account not aloof actual but absolutely living.

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