Benchmark – Developing Enterprise Framework for a Security Program

   COMPANY PROFILE:  Mission Statement The mission of Beyond the States Bank is to accommodate above chump account and accoutrement that accredit citizens of the United States to administer their money domestically and abroad. Vision Statement Our eyes is to become the arch cyberbanking casework provider beyond all business segments through alms outstanding customer-centered service. Across the States Bank (ASB) takes pride in accouterment our barter with above account and the adeptness to administer their affairs 24/7 from anywhere in the world. As one of America's bigger banks, our 132,500 advisers are accessible to abode claimed and business cyberbanking chump needs any time of the day or night by phone, e-mail, or through our online babble feature. Our seamless online and adaptable cyberbanking and 24-hour chump abutment ensure that your money administration needs can consistently be met. Based in Metropolis, California, ASB offers over 17,000 annex offices and ATMs to account barter beyond the continental United States. When traveling abroad, ASB barter can calmly admission accounts and complete accepted cyberbanking affairs in best European nations through our adopted partner, Beyond the EU Bank. Consistently attractive for agency of accretion our $10 billion business, we are developing added adopted partnerships that will anon acquiesce us to aggrandize our casework to South America and Asia to bigger accommodated our chump needs. Products and Services Personal Banking As one of the nation's arch claimed cyberbanking account providers, ASB allows individuals to baddest from a advanced ambit of cyberbanking services, including: Accumulation and      checking accounts Debit and acclaim      cards Claimed and      automobile loans Home loans,      including aboriginal mortgages, home equity, and curve of credit Insurance Investment      banking services Wealth administration      and acreage services Business and Bartering Banking To accommodated the assorted needs of business and bartering customers, ASB offers alone called and arranged services, including: Business accumulation      and blockage accounts Business loans Merchant services Payroll services Insurance Investment      banking Trust services Shareowner      Services Strategic Goals Increase anniversary sales to $12 billion aural the abutting 3 years. Improve chump relations and chump account acknowledgment times through the accomplishing of a advanced chump ability administration system. Increase casework in the bartering area by 15%. Accomplish      an boilerplate chump account achievement analysis account of 95% 1. Baddest a apocryphal aggregation to use for the continuance of this advance and actualize an associated abridgement (e.g., Beyond the States Bank (ASB), Lopes Manufacturing (LM), or Pike's Peak Health Care (PPHC)). 2. For the aggregation selected, analysis online or use Chapter 2 of the arbiter and identify, at minimum, two laws or regulations that accommodate a set of standards the alignment charge apparatus to accomplish acquiescence (i.e., PCI DSS, HIPAAHITECH, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, or NISPOM 5220.22). 3. Use the "NIST 800-53r5 Framework - Appendix C,” the two articular laws, and the “ITT-430 Developing Enterprise Framework Template," to map the assorted standards to the controls aural the framework. Refer to the “ITT-430 Developing Enterprise Framework Example.” 4. Map a minimum of two NIST controls per law or regulation. NIST 800-53 controls may alike beyond standards as apparent in the Developing Enterprise Framework Archetype (see SC-13). 5. Complete at atomic 25 mappings. 6. In the "Notes" column, briefly explain the purpose that the two laws or regulations and the associated controls are aggravating to achieve. For example, the aboriginal row in the archetype is establishing a action on accident appraisal and the identification and administration of threats and vulnerabilities. 7. Analysis and actualize a aegis affairs framework outline for your apocryphal aggregation that aligns to the mission and eyes of the company. Your outline should accommodate a table of contents; account the capacity your aggregation would charge to abode in adjustment to boldness the abounding issues of its business apropos confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 8. In 500–750 words, explain your aegis framework outline and how it is specific to your company. Explain why you chose to accommodate your specific capacity and how they will advice to defended your companies interests as able-bodied as systems continued term, appropriate amid legal, regulatory, and framework acquiescence needs. Describe the above components, policies, and processes accompanying to cyber defense, aegis controls, and arrangement security. 9. Accommodate at atomic two references alfresco of the appropriate reading.

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