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According to Dosomething. org, added than 60% of adolescence are accomplishing or accept done drugs at one time. Go Ask Alice should be banned from average academy and elementary libraries and alone adequate at the aerial academy akin because of the use of barnyard language, the use of actionable substances, and the absolute descriptions of the activities actuality done throughout the book. One acumen this book should be banned is the use of barnyard language. The abhorrent accent acclimated in this book is not adapted for average academy nor elementary ibraries, but adequate to added complete audiences like aerial school. An archetype of this occurs against the average of the book when, the capital character, Alice and her acquaintance are at a affair that gets out of duke and she's talking about it the abutting day, "Last night was the affliction night of my shitty, rotten, stinky, dreary, f*cked up life. " (Sparks, 58) Another archetype against the alpha of the book back she's cogent her animosity about that day, "l feel clumsily bitched and pissed off at everybody... I Just appetite to puke all over the shitty world. " (Sparks, 82, 83) Next, nother acumen Go Ask Alice should be banned is the boundless use of actionable substances. The biologic use accounting throughout the book is not adapted for average academy or elementary, but should be adequate for aerial academy level. In Go Ask Alice there are abounding actionable actuality references throughout the absolute book. An archetype happens against the alpha back she's at a baby adhere out and is aback arresting a acicular drink. "Then I noticed the aberrant alive patterns on the ceiling... I watched the arrangement change to bouncing colors, abundant fields of reds, blues, ellows. (Sparks 25) Another archetype against the average is back she and her acquaintance are roped into affairs drugs to adolescent kids, "... so Chris and I accept both had to advance pot... I assertive Richie that it would be easier to advance acerbic than pot... " (Sparks, 45) This acceptance continues throughout the book. A third, and final, acumen why this book should be banned is because of the absolute descriptions. The absolute descriptions acclimated are not adequate for average academy or elementary libraries, but can be accounted adapted for aerial school. This accomplished book is actual abundant and absolute in its descriptions. One of the abounding examples is back she is alive up afterwards a agrarian party, "Well aftermost night it happened. I am no best a virgin! " (Keep in apperception she is alone 14) (Sparks, 27) Then she talks about her boyfriend, "Richie is so good, good, acceptable to me and sex with him is like lightning and rainbows and springtime! " (Sparks, 44) Still talking about her boyfriend, "He teases me and says I am abandoned because I accept been bugging him to let me try sex after actuality benumbed first. Sparks, 46) A final archetype is against the catastrophe of the book discussing the afterlife of her grandmother, "Gran died in her beddy-bye aftermost night. I approved to acquaint myself that she's gone to Gramps, but I am so depressed all I can anticipate about is worms bistro her body. " (Sparks, 115) This book has sparked altercation in whether or not it should be banned to average academy and elementary. Go Ask Alice should be banned to average academy and elementary because it is not adapted to betrayal them to the capacity in the book. But affidavit it shouldn't be banned for aerial academy libraries is because they are a added complete best carnal things that this book shouldn't base them too much. So this book should be banned for average academy and elementary but adequate to aerial academy because of the acceptance of barnyard language, the use of actionable substances, and the absolute descriptions accounting throughout the book. Just think, would you appetite your adolescent adolescent apparent to this blazon of abstract and accept it possibly accept an access in their behaviors?

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