BA370 Terminating Employment ( BA370 Termination )

Discussion Questions: select any THREE questions from the list below (preferably at least one from each chapter) and post your response in the discussion forum.

Should employers offer employees the choice between resigning or being terminated? Under what circumstances? (Ch 18)

Does the employment at will with exceptions standard provide sufficient protection for employees? Would it be better if all employers were required to meet a just cause/due process standard for termination? (Ch 18)

What do you think about the increasing use of restrictive covenants? Should employers who attempt to enforce these agreements against employees that have been fired have to show that the terminations were for cause? (Ch 19)

Is downsizing a sensible business strategy? Should employees be entitled to greater legal protection from downsizing? If so, what form should this protection take? (Ch 19)

Describe any concluding thoughts… what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned during the course or the most practical advice you’ll be able to apply?

BA370 Termination

BA 370 Termination

BA/370 Terminating Employment

BA 370 Terminating Employment

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