BA370 Accommodation ( BA 370 Accommodation ) ( BA/370 Accommodation )

Discussion Questions: select any THREE questions from the list below (preferably at least one from each chapter) and post your response in the discussion forum.

How has the ADA been changed by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008? Did Congress get it right this time? Will the new law be more effective at protecting employees with disabilities? (Ch 10)

What challenges might an employee with a disability face in your workplace? What kinds of reasonable accommodations would be appropriate? (Ch 10)

Describe an example from your organization or your experience related to some aspect of religion in the workplace. How did the situation play out? What were the ramifications for all involved? Should anything have happened or been handled differently? (Ch 10)

Does the Family and Medical Leave Act go far enough? Too far? What, if any, changes would you make to the FMLA? (Ch 11)

Should Title VII be amended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation? Why or why not? How likely do you think it is to happen, and in what timeframe? (Ch 11)

Should employers with multi-lingual workforces be allowed to adopt English-only rules? Under what circumstances? Explain your reasoning. (Ch 11)

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