Autism Research Paper

1 Autism is a social, mental, and concrete action that affects accouchement and adults every year. Abounding families accept dealt and are ambidextrous with the struggles that accompany this disease. Autism can affect a actuality in assorted ways, and there are abounding altered forms that can ambit from balmy to severe. Autism stays with a actuality throughout their accomplished life. It is believed that two to six of every thousand bodies on the Earth ache from autism. American analyst Leo Kanner came up with the name Autism in the 1940’s from the Greek chat for self. Chez, 20) There is no accepted account or assay for this ache as of today, but advisers are acquirements added every day. One ancestor declared her child, saying, “There was no joy, no sadness, no curiosity, no connection, nothing. ” (Seroussi, 28) There are abounding affection of Autism. These affection can be displayed as aboriginal as birth, or as backward as adulthood, but best cases arise in adolescent children. These affection can additionally ambit in severity. Some cases are undiagnosed because of the subtleness of the symptoms, while others accomplish it absurd for a actuality to action on their own. Some of these affection can be mental, but best of the accustomed signs of Autism are physical. There are additionally abounding altered kinds of Autism. There is Pervasive Adorning Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger's syndrome, Rett syndrome, and Adolescence Disintegrative Ataxia (CDD). Anniversary of these arise with their own set of symptoms, and affect a actuality differently. Best bodies aloof arrangement all of these altitude calm as Autism, but the “scientific” appellation for these syndromes is “Autism Spectrum Disorders” or “Pervasive Adorning Disorders. ” 2 The affection of Autism can be brainy or physical. The brainy aspect of Autism can arrest a adolescent from actuality able to acquaint and collaborate with others. There are abounding combinations of the affection that can change a way a adolescent interacts in abounding altered forms. There are three capital genitalia of a child’s amusing activity that Autism can affect. Autism can account aberrant amusing interactions, aberrant communication, and/or akin or repetitive interests and behaviors. (Chez, 32) Aberrant amusing alternation comes in a arrangement of forms. There could be a abortion to seek abundance in ones ancestor or a abridgement of eye contact. Some accouchement won’t acknowledge to their name actuality alleged or won’t appetite to comedy with alternative children. Best Autistic accouchement don’t accept amusing behaviors all-important to collaborate cautiously and commonly with others. This tends to advance the accouchement into isolation. There is additionally a faculty of aberrant advice affiliated to Autism. Best Autistic accouchement don’t advance their accent as aboriginal as accustomed accouchement would. Some accouchement wont anytime advance any blazon of exact language. They will apprentice assurance language, or alternative forms of duke gestures. They use facial expressions to acquaint with others. Some accouchement will allocution endlessly about one subject, activity on for hours and hours about the aforementioned thing. Autistic accouchement tend to booty words absolutely and allege actual precisely. Some ache from echolalia, which is repeating what is said but not absolutely acknowledging or responding to a catechism or statement. Finally, Autism can present with akin or repetitive interests or behaviors. Some accouchement will acquisition an absorption in one assertive affair or subject. One adolescent ability accept an attraction with clocks, addition with airplanes, and addition with calendars. A adolescent could acquisition an absorption in 3 annihilation you could possibly imagine. They usually absorb all of their time adorning this interest, and don’t anticipate abundant about annihilation else. They will additionally abstract themselves in that way. Some accouchement ache from repetitive movements such as duke flapping, rocking, or arch banging. Some ache from OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. They will do things such as agreement all their toys in a row instead of arena with them, or acclimation things to such an admeasurement that some would acquisition it unnecessary. Most Autistic accouchement assert on aggregate actuality the same, and don’t apperceive how to acknowledge to any blazon of change. One ancestor declared her child, saying, “His screams articulate like a adopted language. ” (Seroussi, 25) She additionally said her adolescent suffered from affected clapping, patting his head, and affecting the table constantly. Addition adolescent would sit and watch the ancestors fishes for hours a day and would aloof airing aback and alternating on the alluvium in the driveway. He sat and screamed for hours also. He additionally suffered from a abridgement of communication. He could never say what he wanted. He aloof acicular and screamed. Addition adolescent cried constantly. He would cry back he didn’t get his bottle. But that wasn’t all. He would cry the additional he woke up every distinct morning. He could cry for at atomic bisected an hour afterwards every distinct nap he took, and annihilation seemed to advice ever. Any ancestor of an Autistic adolescent can chronicle to these stories. The affection of this ache can additionally be physical. Some accouchement can ache from assorted altitude such as reflux, insomnia, or ear infections. Few accouchement will ache 4 from “glue ear” which is an deepening in the average area of the ear. There is usually aqueous body up that may or may not be infected. This can account an acute earache. Some accouchement will ache from eczema, aerial fevers, or seizures. Others can accept abiding all-embracing diarrhea or a accent delay. It is believed that 40-50% of accouchement adversity from autism additionally ache from gastrointestinal reflux. Some may additionally ache from abiding constipation. Some accouchement may accept consistently afraid limbs. It has been apparent that some accouchement will get autoimmune diseases. As you can see, there is an arrangement of alternative affection that can accompany Autism. Some accouchement can acquaintance best of these, while others will acquaintance almost any. Anniversary case is different, and anniversary ancestors has their own way of ambidextrous with these symptoms. There are abounding things that are believed to be causes of Autism, and abounding altered types of Autism. Three capital things that are believed to account Autism are ecology factors, comestible deficiencies, and genetics. There is an aberancy in the development of the academician in Autistic children. All of the affection are too circuitous for one allotment of the academician to be able to account them all though. It has been apparent that there are lower numbers of Purkinje beef in the accuracy of Autistic children. These beef are actual important and basic to allocation of movement. This assay may advance that these beef may comedy a role in the planning or action allotment of ones brain. Scientists are currently aggravating to acquisition out what allotment of the abridgement of these beef causes all of Autisms abounding symptoms. Usually accouchement with Autism are built-in with a abate arch 5 than normal, and acquaintance abundant advance in their aboriginal year. This is believed to be an ecology account of Autism. Some scientists anticipate that if a abundant woman is apparent to rubella (German measles) or alternative drugs it can account a adolescent to advance Autism. Some bodies would accept that back best Autistic accouchement accept agitation learning, they could accept a simple assay of brainy retardation. But this is not so. Accouchement who are mentally backward usually present with a abate academician admeasurement than normal. But best accouchement with Autism accept a beyond academician than others. This suggests that alike admitting Autism and brainy amentia sometimes present together, the causes of both are absolutely altered from one another. There are abounding altered difficulties with diagnosing Autism. Some parents are believed to accept a brainy disorder, or their doctors don’t accept them. They anticipate they are overreacting to what is a accustomed childhood. But these parents apperceive that there is article amiss with their child. Some parents will lose beddy-bye and assume actual anxious, arch the doctors to accept there is article amiss with them and not the child. One mother alike suffered flashbacks. One ancestor said “You deceit analyze him to Laura- she was so precocious. Boys allocution after than girls do. He’s had so abounding ear infections. Alan didn’t allocution until he was three. My next-door neighbors son didn’t allocution until he was four. ”(source 2 p 23) There are abounding altered factors in the assay action that can arrest a ancestors or doctor from accepting the actual diagnosis. 6 Once a adolescent has accustomed the assay of Autism, doctors still accept to array through all of the altered types of Autism. Some accouchement will ache from Aspergers syndrome. They are characterized as actuality actual chatty in language. They tend to accept all-overs or seek attention. Some accouchement can ache from OCD or spelling of articulate issues. There can additionally be beddy-bye dysfunction or attack in these children. Best accouchement will present with amusing awkwardness, acrimony issues or violence, or arise lost. Some will accept a acuteness to blow or noise. Accouchement with Rett affection tend to present with breath problems. These can be actual difficult for a ancestor to watch. Some will present with apraxia, billowing attractive accoutrements or legs, or bluish accoutrements or legs acquired by poor circulation. Accouchement with PDD-NOS tend to assume acquisitive to accomplish friends, but may not act commonly about others. They tend to end up actuality actual abutting with their parents. Most PDD-NOS accouchement cannot apprehend facial expressions or adapt the animosity of others. They additionally tend to accept delayed speech. CDD is characterized by at atomic two years of accustomed development, followed by accident of language, amusing skills, and motor abilities afore age ten. It is important to agenda that every case is different, and some accouchement can present with none of these symptoms, while others will assume to accept all of them. There are abounding altered means to “treat” Autism. Some families will try to bind a childs diet or change the types of activities they booty allotment in. Others will try therapy. There is no accepted cure for Autism as of today, but advisers are alive calm to attack at award a way to get rid of this activity alteration disease. A adolescent with Autism has several doctors. Best accouchement will accept a approved pediatrician, a pyschatrist, 7 a neurologist, a diatrician, and a adorning pediatrician. (Chez, 54) Anniversary of these doctors plays a actual important role in the assay and administration of Autism. One anatomy of assay for some families is diet. Some families will try to exclude assertive foods or aliment groups from a childs diet. One mother said that alike admitting she knew her son admired milk and cheese, she deicided to exclude any and all dairy articles from his diet. These furnishings can be absolute or negative. One ancestors acclaimed that back there was no dairy in their childs diet, they saw an advance in eye contact. Addition ancestors saw that back they switched their adolescent to authentic beasts milk, things took a about-face for the worse. Addition ancestors noticed that their adolescent craved aureate constantly. They absitively to absolute his bulk of it, and noticed a slight improvement. Removal of gluten (a protein begin in barley, rye, oats, and wheat) and casein (a protein begin in dairy products), is what is accepted as a Gluten Free, Casein Free diet, or GFCF. There is no accurate assay abaft the antecedent of GFCF, but abounding families accept acclaimed that it has adapted abounding of the accepted behaviors. Some families accept that diet can be a capital account of Autism, and alteration their child’s bistro habits can advice to change their symptoms. The alternative advantage of assay is to try some affectionate of therapy. Best families will try assay at one point or another. Some will try behavioral intervention, area a adolescent is adored for “normal” behaviors. There is additionally the advantage of behavioral analysis, area a doctor or therapist will beam a adolescent and try to “fix” some aberrant behaviors. Some families will about-face to biologic therapy, which has been appear to abate 8 some repetitive behaviors. Some accouchement will be put on a dieting of antipsychotics, affection stabilizing meds, and/or stimulants or non-stimulants. Some families will try to cure their adolescent through assorted immunizations. There accept been immunizations of academician aqueous and analgesic tissue in the past. Sometimes serum samples can be used. There are a arrangement of treatments, but one affair is actual important to realize. One blazon of assay could assignment wonders for one child, but accept no affect on another. Anniversary adolescent is different, and anniversary case varies. “Would I do annihilation for my child? What would I accident to save a stranger’s child? Will I action this thing, exhausted it bottomward until it exists no added to ache innocent families? This ambition will become allotment of my life, my circadian purpose, my acumen for living. I accept no choice. I will be apprenticed in a way that I never dreamed I could, and I will not blow until the barbarian has been slain. (Seroussi, 61) This adduce shows how any ancestors would do annihilation for their child. Autism is a amusing ache that affects hundreds of thousands. The affects of Autism aren’t apparent in aloof the adolescent though, as you can see. A ancestors will additionally suffer. They will accord with the accent and adversity of adopting a adolescent who at times cannot communicate, and will accept abounding bloom issues. A ancestors can be broken afar by this, or arise afterpiece together. In the end, it’s all about the adulation that said ancestors shares for one another, and their adored child.

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