Audrey Hepburn and Personality Theories

Audrey Hepburn and Her Personality Theories Psy/300 Audrey Hepburn and Her Personality Theories Audrey Hepburn was built-in in 1929 in Brussels Belgium during a time of bread-and-butter accident and claimed strife. Her activity took an amazing aberration from her already aliment deprived, fatherless, war frenzied, adolescence and boyish years by acceptable a 20th aeon icon. She withheld backbone for activity that collection her into the Land of the Free and ironically into the comfortable apple of film-making by acceptable one of the best capital actresses in Hollywood. Through her trials, tribulations, ancestry and the surrounding environments this cardboard will explain how they contributed to abstraction her personality and what fabricated her such a different individual. Audrey had actual little affecting abutment or ancestors access as a child. Her ancestor larboard her, bother and mother back she was six years of age. Her mother was afflicted to accession two accouchement on her own in a time of war with abounding means in which to apply on affecting ties or alike axiological means to breeding the children. Audrey already quoted that afterwards her ancestor larboard that she was “devastated and had no one larboard to bundle with. (Flonder, 1998) Actuality that it was such a difficult time in history Audrey and the influences about her area afflicted to assignment harder than the boilerplate actuality does in a activity time. She was aloft about by her Mother in that they formed adamantine for what they bare in adjustment to survive. Already the war was over her and her ancestors alike fabricated bounded moves in adjustment advance and accomplish their goals. It was additionally accurate that during the war she was a agent for her allies adjoin the enemies absorption that she was culturally afflicted at an aboriginal age to action for those that she trusted and believed in. Although there was befalling to abduct and appropriate her and her, ancestors and accompany went so athirst at times that “they ate tulip bulbs in adjustment to break alive. ” (Flonder, 1998) There are several theories in the abstraction of attitude that advance how a personality is formed and what creates it’s different characteristics in which drive a actuality to act a accurate way in assertive environments and while interacting with others. In Audrey Hepburn’s case the Objective Relation Approach and the abominable Sigmund Freud approach of Psycho-dynamic best fit her characteristics and accomplishments by what is recorded of her activity history and claimed quotes. Objective Relation Theorist focus on the means in which bodies cope with their animosity (defenses) and acclimate to absoluteness while aggravating to accomplish their needs (ego-centric). (Kowalski & Weston, 2011) It additionally suggests that bodies whom advance their personality in this way by ambiance and activity contest accept an acute disability to assurance relationships. It is a accelerating movement against a added complete relatedness to others. (Kowalski & Weston, 2011) The personality of Audrey Hepburn is reflected in this approach in several ways. Her two divorces ability accept stemmed from the abrogation of her ancestor or the aftereffect the enemies and horrors that she encountered during the war. The two divorces advance signs of maladaptive interpersonal problems by accepting conflicts with others. The two divorces may additionally be the way that she coped with not accepting assurance for the men in her activity and a abbreviate lived childhood. She already mentioned that she had “very little youth, few accompany in the accepted boyish way and no security. Is it no admiration I became an autogenous array of person? I anticipate I was earlier in those canicule than I am now. (Flonder, 1998) As mentioned aloft the Objective Relation Approach additionally focuses on a person’s ego or how abundant one thinks of oneself. Audrey was a actual giving actuality in the accurate sense. She was said to be a absurd mother of two boys and quoted “all that I anytime absolutely capital to be was a mother”. (Flonder, 1998) As a way to pay it advanced to those that helped augment her during the war she additionally gave endlessly to accouchement of alternative countries by acceptable the Ambassador to the United Nations International Children’s Fund. Therefore, she could accord to others calmly although she suffered from signs of ego-centrism and self- preoccupation. With the contest of her accomplished she yearned to be admired and alike with abundant success by the worlds appearance as an Academy Award champ she connected to chase for the accuracy abaft accurate centralized happiness. The Psycho-dynamic Approach concludes that bodies are motivated by wishes and fears which Audrey had abounding of and displayed aboveboard that they both collection her in abounding ways. She absolutely afflicted her name to Audrey as to not face the name of her accomplished as able-bodied as by adulatory for a bigger activity with her new identity. Audrey quoted “Edna had been through abundant already. ” (Flonder, 1998) This approach additionally places accent on how ne’s personality takes accumulation during aboriginal development and is awful afflicted by the role of their parents. (Burton & Davey, 2006) Audrey acutely had an aboriginal concrete and admiring adapter to her ancestor to accompaniment that “she had no one to bundle with” already he was gone. (Flonder, 1998) Without this aboriginal adapter accomplished her acceptance of abandon and cocky acquainted abandon would accept been meaningless. (Kowalski & Weston 2011) At this aboriginal date of her development with her ancestor she was able to anatomy such able desires to adulation and affliction for her accouchement above what her Mother could candidly provide. She additionally showed a able admiration to accept abutting adapted access by actuality actual socially alive as able-bodied as caring for those in needs. As well, in her closing stages of activity she did eventually abatement in adulation and break in a committed accord up until her afterlife in 1993. (Flonder, 1998) In all, the Psycho-dynamic Approach best describes the personality of Audrey Hepburn. Although she faced abounding challenges during her activity in the face of affliction through the progression of her activity she did affected them in advantageous ways. And although the abrogation of her ancestor larboard her clumsy to assurance and analytic for adulation she was able to anatomy some admiring bonds with bodies throughout her life. To abutment this approach as able-bodied one of her best acclaimed quotes is “people charge to be loved, adequate and redeemed. Never bandy out anyone. ” (Erwin & Diamond, 2006 ) Audrey Hepburn had a able personality due to the relationships that she had as boyish and accustomed during boyish but she backward accurate to her behavior and was striven for answers that would advance her as to affected her past. She appeared to be affectionate and admiring appear the bodies that meant the best to her in her life. Those that appointment her briefly additionally advance that she was a “giving and affected spirit” (Erwin & Diamond, 2006 ) artlessly alive appear a bigger activity for herself and mankind. References Kowalski, R. & Weston, D. (2011). Attitude (6th ed. ) Hoboken, NJ: Whiley. 2004 Flonder, P. Biography. The Immortal Audrey Hepburn Aug98, Vol. 2 Issue 8, p46. 8p. 19 Larsson, P. Counseling Attitude Review, Vol. 27, No. 1, March 2012 Erwin, E. , & Diamond, J. (2006). The Audrey Hepburn Treasures . New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, inc..

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