You may do this in groups or alone. If you do it in groups, anybody in the accumulation charge abide their own archetype of the answers, forth with the names of any accumulation members. Today we will be using the affairs Stellarium. On campus computers this can be accessed by activity to You should not download the "receiver" aback it is installed on campus computers, but you may charge to bang "open links with Citrix Receiver" and accede to terms. Here's what IT says about application Citrix on campus. With logging in, Citrix may appointment off campus as well. At home, you can download and install Stellarium anon from (Links to an alien site.) As continued as you bang the official download links (and not any ads assuming as download links), this is a safe allotment of software. You can additionally use the chargeless app "Sky Eye" to do this assignment, but I adopt Stellarium on a computer. Here's a account of Sky Eye. A brace quick tips for application Stellarium: Scrolling with your abrasion or trackpad zooms in and out. If the awning goes actual wonky or circular, try zooming the alternative way to get aback to a added adequate view. Mousing over the lower larboard bend will accompany up the two toolbars. The abdicate button is at the righthand ancillary of the lower toolbar, so it abandoned appears aback the toolbars are up, and it is in the average of the basal of the screen. Activity 01: Introduction to Stellarium Introduction Objectives Become accustomed with the Stellarium affairs and its user interface Apply ability of Appropriate Ascension and Declination (RA & Dec) to acquisition positions on the angelic apple and see area they are in the sky. Examine the position of the stars from alternative locations on the globe. Procedure I accept created a worksheet that has abandoned the questions from the lab below, almanac your answers in that certificate as you appointment through this lab. I animate you to appointment calm if you apperceive anyone in the class, or can alike to be in a babble or on Google Hangouts calm at the aforementioned time. Almanac the names of any ally you formed with directly. Worksheet: Stellarium Lab 01 Worksheet.docx Launch the Stellarium program. Aback the affairs has loaded, your awning should appearance you amid in a acreage of grass, adverse south. You accept two toolbars that you actuate by affective the abrasion over their locations. At the larboard bend of the window, appear the bottom, you will acquisition a vertical toolbar with agreement windows for ambience location, date, and examination options. There is a accumbent toolbar forth the basal larboard bend as well. This has toggles for the best accepted examination options, as able-bodied as time controls. You can absorb a few account beat around, aloof to see what this button or that toggle does. Note that scrolling zooms in and out. If you get ashore in a blooming or atramentous screen, try scrolling. Set your location: Bang on the Area Window figure (vertical toolbar, top icon). There are abounding agency to specify area you are, but alpha by accomplishing the fastest thing. In the chase box, alpha accounting “Seattle.” By the time you are three belletrist in, you should see your area account has been whittled bottomward to aloof a few places, and you can baddest Seattle, WA. Apprehension on the map that your red area arrow is accurately pointing the bend of Washington, and you can abutting the area window. Set your time: Bang on the Date/Time Window figure (vertical toolbar, additional icon). It should initially affectation the accepted and actual date and time. Let’s go advanced and see the eastern sky beforehand this morning. Change the time to 6:00AM, and apprehension how badly your appearance changes. Go advanced and abutting the date/time window. Return to appropriate now: Actuate the accumbent toolbar by mousing over it. The icons on the appropriate end of the toolbar ascendancy the access of time. Bang on the “Set time to now” icon, or aloof blazon the cardinal 8. You will apprehension that there are keystrokes which accord to these toggles, and you will apparently acquisition a few that you use frequently—knowing a few keystrokes can be a absolute timesaver. Wander around: Explore your landscape. You can cross application the abrasion or the arrow keys. Spin around, attending up, attending down. Astronomical Alike Systems There are several systems that can be acclimated to locate altar in the sky. We will analyze actuality amid two alike systems: azimuth/altitude (Az/Alt) and appropriate ascension/declination (RA/DE). Either one of these systems is akin to application x- and y-coordinates on a allotment of blueprint paper. They are two dimensional systems, which agency that they can acquaint you area to attending in the sky to acquisition an object, but not how far abroad that article is from the Earth. Turn and face north: Toggle on the Azimuthal filigree (command keystroke z), attending up a bit, and appraise the alike system. Azimuth is the bend abstinent in a accumbent circle, about your horizon. Due N = 0°. Head about the circle, and E = 90°, S = 180°, W = 270° and aback to N = 360°. Altitude is the bend abstinent from the border (0°) to the acme (90°, or anon overhead). Thus, any point in the sky that you can see can be defined by cogent you which administration to face (az), and how aerial up to attending (alt). Set your time for today at 10:00PM (22:00). Locate the brilliant Polaris, and almanac its az/alt coordinates (click on the star, and apprehension the advice that appears in the top larboard of your screen). Pay absorption to how these coordinates accord to the star’s area in the sky. Toggle amid grids: Turn off the az/alt coordinates (z), and toggle on the close filigree (command keystroke e). You are now attractive at the appropriate ascension/declination alike system. Almanac these coordinates for Polaris. Always use the J2000 coordinates for RA/DE. Worksheet--Record Polaris Coordinates, Az/Alt: _____ RA/Dec (j2000): _____  Set the day and time: Change the date to today at 10:00PM (22:00). Locate the ablaze brilliant Vega in the sky (there is a chase button). Almanac both its Az/Alt coordinates and RA/DE. Move advanced in time to absolutely three months from today, still at at 10:00PM (22:00), and almanac the coordinates of Vega again. Note that alike if the brilliant dips below your examination border (alt < 0°), its position is still displayed. Worksheet--Vega Coordinates--Date (Today): _____ Az/Alt: _____ RA/Dec (j2000): _____  Date 2 (in 3 months): _____ Az/Alt: _____ RA/Dec (j2000): _____  What changed? What didn’t? _____  Change your location: Return to the aboriginal date, today, and time (22:00). Remain centered on the brilliant Vega, but change your ascertainment location. Pick any abode you like: New York, Beijing, Paris...literally anywhere. Beam the Az/Alt and RA/DE coordinates for the Vega. For the area you chose, is Vega arresting aloft the horizon? Worksheet--What area did you choose? _____ Is Vega arresting aloft the border today at 22:00 in that location? _____ Wow, what does that mean? You accept aloof approved the aberration amid the alike systems! Apprehension that Az/Alt depends absolutely on area you are located, and RA/DE does not. Worksheet--If you were an astronomer actuality in Washington who bare to acquaint a aide at Kitt Peak (in Arizona) about a sky object, how would you accept to acquaint its location? Adapted from: NJ Getson, University of Central Arkansas   You may do this in groups or alone. If you do it in groups, anybody in the accumulation charge abide their own archetype of the answers, forth with the names of any accumulation members. Activity 02: Stellarium's Sky Tonight I've created a worksheet area you can ample in the answers for the instructions below, or you can accomplish your own: Stellarium Worksheet 2 Tonight's Sky Pick an absorbing article in tonight’s sky from this list: Venus, Mizar (and Alcor), Ursa Major (The Big Dipper), Altair, Vega, Deneb, Delphinus, Jupiter, Arcturus, or the Moon (you will charge to beam the exact aforementioned night you almanac coordinates if you accept the Moon). Open Stellarium. Set the area to Seattle, and the time to tonight. Acquisition your object. What is your object? When does it rise? When does it set? Where is it 45 account afterwards sunset? Pick whichever is darker: aback you get up in the morning or aback you go to bed. What time is that? Area is this article at that time? Observing: Go out tonight and attending for it. Please account what you see, labeling your article and cartoon at atomic 5 alternative stars/sky objects nearby and the border or rooftops below your object. Upload the angel to: OBSERVATION--Stellarium Lab Observation. This allotment is graded individually.

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