After account the alternative of balladry ( below), accept one composition to assay and acknowledgment the afterward questions. Sharon Olds “ The Accent of Brag” p. 324 Billy Collins “Snow Day” pp. 41- 42 Elizabeth Bishop “One Art” and  "First Draft of One Art" pp. 211- 213 Kaylin Haught “God Says yes to Me"  p. 130 Barbara Hamby “Ode to American English” p. 86 Li-Young Lee “The Hammock” p. 189 Sylvia Plath “Stillborn” p. 319 Tony Hoagland “There Is No Word” p. 320 Pdidy accolade to Biggie Small (YouTube) Questions What is the composition about?   In your own words, abridge the poem. What is the affair (the axial idea) of this poem? State it in a distinct sentence. What images does the artist use? Share one or two images and acquaint why they are able (or not). What abstracts of accent are acclimated (metaphor, simile, allegorical language)?  Cite at atomic one amount of accent and analyze it. Is the composition successful? Why?

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