Assignment 2: Internet-Based Psychological Interventions

Assignment 2: Internet-Based Cerebral Interventions Discussion Topic With so abounding individuals appliance the Internet today, the attitude of the individual, the family, the community, and the association has changed. Some ability altercate that the acceptable cerebral theories cannot be activated and accordingly attitude as an absolute acreage needs to be revamped to absorb the appulse and the appliance of internet technology. As a apprentice commutual a bachelor’s amount in psychology, your approaching career will assuredly absorb the use of the Internet in actual new ways. Read the afterward commodity from the AUO Library: Ritterband, L. M., Gonder-Frederick, L., Cox, D. J., Clifton, A. D., West, R. W., & Borowitz, S. M. (2003). Internet interventions: In review, in use, and into the future. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 34(5), 527-534. Identify a botheration breadth or cerebral affair that could account from the use of an internet intervention. Now, appliance what you abstruse from the article, adduce an internet action appliance the afterward guidelines: What botheration breadth would the internet action address? Provide a accepted description of the proposed internet intervention. How would the capability of the proposed action be tested? What are any acknowledged and ethical issues accompanying to the proposed intervention? Include the specific APA ethical standard(s) in your response.

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