Create a affliction application the arrangement beneath with advice provided for the patient  Dx: Larboard hip fracture Summary :  is an 85-year-old white changeable with a history of osteoporosis. She lives at home by herself area she fell and bankrupt her larboard hip bygone evening, afterwards accepting complaints of dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. She is appointed to accept anaplasty in 2 days. Medications: · Enoxaparin sodium 40 mg SQ daily · Docusate sodium 100 mg PO daily · Morphine sulfate 4 mg IV q4h prn for pain · Metoprolol 25 mg PO BID · Furosemide 20mg PO daily Orders: · Vital signs every 4 hours · Activity: Bed rest · Anti-embolism stockings on both legs (knee-length) report S: Mrs. Jacobson is an 85-year-old white changeable who was accepted aftermost black afterwards falling and fracturing her hip. X-rays accept been taken and appearance larboard intertrochanteric hip fracture. Mrs. Jacobson is appointed for anaplasty in 2 days. B: Mrs. Jacobson has a 10-year history of osteoporosis and was anew diagnosed with congestive affection abortion aftermost year. Her babe letters that afresh Mrs. Jacobson has been accepting addled spells, fatigue, and weakness. Mrs. Jacobson lives abandoned and is usually able to accomplish all her ADLs independently. She does accept a pikestaff at home but generally times refuses to use it because she “doesn’t anticipate she needs it”. Mrs. Jacobson is usually appealing active, but has been abundant added desk afresh due to accretion weakness and fatigue due to medication non-compliance with her affection abortion medications. R: You will charge to reposition Mrs. Jacobson as she needs to be angry every 2 hours. You should accomplish a focused musculoskeletal assessment, reinforce safety, and accommodate accommodating apprenticeship on abatement risk. Assess her affliction akin and alleviate for affliction if needed.

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