Assessment Analysis on Baptist Memorial Hospital Desoto

Perform a needs assessment/gap analysis on Baptist Memorial Hospital – Desoto. Approach the Research Project from an operations perspective.

Operations: delivery of service/care, access, wait times, equipment usage, process improvements, resource optimization, regulatory compliance, etc.

The components for the Research Project include the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Executive Summary (Needs Content Criteria)
  3. Description of the organization (history, length in service/operation, how many beds? clients served? location; rural vs. urban, satellite locations, total number of staff, client usage information/demographics, etc.)
  4. Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis: What is not currently being offered? Room for improvements? Service delivery deficits? Personnel issues/shortages? Justify with supporting data and statistics.
  5. Propose an intervention (service or facility) based on the needs/gap analysis.
  6. Justify your proposed intervention by providing an analysis from: Cultural Social Legal Economics Regulatory Reimbursement Managed care Health legislation Contracts perspectives
  7. Pick a minimum of three of the elements listed above depending on the organization selected and which apply to the specific organization/situation selected.
  8. Create a plan to implement your intervention. Identify the stakeholders involved, and their role (s) in implementing the intervention. Include finance and staffing elements required to implement the intervention.
  9. Develop a marketing communication plan on how the stakeholders will be informed, kept up-to-date, etc. prior to the intervention, during the intervention, and post intervention.
  10. Develop a plan for measurement effectiveness of the intervention. What indicators will determine if the intervention is successful?
  11. Reference page.

Must be 10 to 12 double-spacedpages in length, and formatted according to APA style. Must use at least ten scholarly and /orpeer-reviewed sources, published within the last 5 years. Read chapter 7 of the text by Wolper (2011), Marketing Healthcare Services. As much as we want to
provide quality care and improve patient outcomes, we must also continue to consider the business of
healthcare, and therefore marketing services cannot be ignored.
The final discussion is on performing marketing related data capture without violating regulatory
stipulations. You will also be writing your final paper, the research project, which is worth 30 points.
Therefore it is absolutely critical that you follow the assignment instructions and review the grading
rubric. You do not want to miss any points on this assignment from simply overlooking an item on the
instructions. And the instructions are quite detailed. Keep in mind the information found in the
announcement titled “Quality of Work Expectations”. Use headings to identify sections in the paper. For
the project, you are tasked to select a healthcare organization and perform a needs assessment/gap
analysis and you may approach this assessment from the perspective of human resources, operations,
or facilities. Have fun with this project!
Executive Summary
In the final research project, you are asked to include an executive summary. The executive summary
should include all main points of the paper, including recommendations and key takeaway points.
Consider the executive summary something a person in leadership would read in an attempt to know all
key information in the paper without having to actually read the paper. An executive summary is geared
toward a business professional. The reader wants to know all important elements of the paper without
having to actually read the paper. He or she will read the paper, or sections of the paper, if he or she
wants to know more detail about a specific topic. So do not leave the reader hanging. Clearly and
succinctly provide a purpose statement, any relevant information about methods, key findings, and
recommendations. If you leave out any of these elements, you have not provided a complete, quality
executive summary. Here are two websites to visit related to writing an executive summary:
For tips on writing the executive
summary: (Links to an external site.)Links to
an external site.
For an example of an executive summary: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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