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Article Presentation and Review:

Every student has to identify an article relevant to the course, prepare a written review and make a presentation to the class. The article should be from a periodical, which is no more than 3 months old. No student should present an article, which is already presented by another student. The written review should contain the important points of the article (in student’s own words), its relevance to the course, where and how the application discussed in the article can be used in organizations, the potential benefits, and its importance to the Management of Organizations. The student has to attach a copy of the article to the written review. The presentation and the written review will be graded.

List of Magazines for Library Article – Review

1. Wall Street Journal – Information Technology(IT) applications –

2. New York Times – IT applications – usually appear on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

3. Business Week

4. Forbes

5. Fortune

6. Information Week

7. CIO (Chief Information Officer)

8. Newsweek, Time, and US News & World Report

9. Any other

All the articles should be less than 3 months old.

Should focus on the impact of IT on companies, on how it effects the business practices, and their employees. Should not be too technical. The presenter should be able to explain the article and if s/he cannot understand the article it should not be presented.

A major part of the grade depends on the
to the course and to the Business World.

The student should use own words to describe the application and should not reproduce the article even using quotes. Should provide his or her own opinions (whether the application is good, where it can be used, whether it will have a significant impact on the companies who use it, etc).

The student should relate the article to the course material and explain how the article is relevant to the course and to the audience (the Information Systems students).

The written review should not exceed two pages and should be done on “Word Processor”.

The written review should include full bibliographical reference to the article.


1. Written review of the article in student’s own words. Should not exceed two pages.

2. A power point presentation explaining the article to others (as if the presentaton is made in the class).

3. An electronic copy of the article reviewed.

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