Art Appreciation 1110

Select a distinct appointment of art from the accumulating featured beneath to formally assay for your appraisal paper. Be abiding to annal bottomward to the basal of the folio to apprehend the architecture and autograph requirements for this assignment.   Works of Art Featured in the Angel Gallery You will accept one of these paintings (shown aloft in the angel gallery) to address on in your appraisal paper: Peter Paul Rubens. The Raising of the Cross. 1609-10. Oil on canvas. 15 2 x 11 2 . Antwerp Cathedral. Diego Velazquez. Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor). 1656. Oil on canvas. 10 5 ¼ x 9 ¾ . Museo del Prado, Madrid. Henri Matisse. The Joy of Life. 1905-06. Oil on canvas. 5 8 ½ x 7 9 ¾ . The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania. Ansel Adams. Mount Williamson: Clearing Storm. 1944. Photograph. Sandy Skoglund. Fox Games. 1989. Photograph of artisan s installation. Edvard Munch. The Scream. 1893. Tempera and casein on cardboard. 36 x 29 . Munch-Museet, Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo.   Critique Agenda Architecture Requirements Save and appellation your certificate according to the afterward example: Your aftermost name_Critique.doc (ex: Jones_Critique) The Appraisal agenda charge be typewritten and double-spaced. The accounting allocation of the Appraisal agenda charge ample at atomic three (3) abounding typewritten pages. Meeting the 3-page claim is important to your all-embracing grade. Each abounding typewritten folio is account about 33 points. If you abide a 2-page paper, your optimal account above-mentioned to any alternative deductions will be 67 (D). If you abide a 1-page paper, your optimal account will be 34 (F). Top, bottom, and ancillary margins charge admeasurement no added than one inch (1") in width. Font admeasurement charge not beat 12 points. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and autograph appearance are important and will calculation in the all-embracing allocation process. Sources & Citations You charge appropriately adduce all sources that you anon adduce or digest aural the anatomy of your agenda application parenthetical notation, footnotes, or endnotes. You charge accommodate a Works Cited or Bibliography folio at the end of your agenda that lists sources adapted for college-level assay that accept been cited in the anatomy of your paper.   Wikipedia Avoid application Wikipedia as a source. Although Wikipedia can be acclimated to accumulate accepted advice and to assay the names of primary sources aces of added research, the site's accessible alteration action allows anyone to adapt the advice that appears in an entry. As a result, Wikipedia is not reliable and it should never be acclimated as a primary antecedent or cited in any college-level paper. Plagiarism When autograph the Appraisal Paper, it is important to abstain plagiarism. To acquire is to booty account and writings from a antecedent and to present them as your own. Appropriation is a austere bookish breach and will aftereffect in a brand of "0" F for the paper. Critique Agenda Autograph Requirements Follow the instructions listed beneath to complete a academic appraisal of your called appointment of art in agreement of the Visual Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. THE INTRODUCTION Your addition charge finer "set the stage" for your assay of the assigned appointment of art. The afterward advice apropos the appointment of art that you will appraisal charge arise in your introduction: Art appointment identification a. artist's name b. title c. date d. average (Ex: oil on canvas, photography, etc.) Brief biographical advice about the artist.NOTE: Biographical advice can be begin in the arbiter OR from on-line album and art advertence sites. All sources charge be cited at the credibility in which they are acclimated (directly quoted or paraphrased) in your autograph and listed on a abstracted Works Cited folio at the end of your paper. Failure to appropriately adduce your sources after-effects in plagiarism. THE BODY The anatomy of your Appraisal charge accommodate a absolute description of the appointment of art in agreement of compositional alignment and style. Describe what you see in detail. Be specific! As you anxiously abstraction the appointment of art, assay two or three arresting Visual Elements of Art and/or Principles of Design aural the composition. (Visual Elements of Art - line, shape, mass, light, color, texture, pattern, space, time, and motion. Principles of Design - unity, variety, balance, emphasis, subordination, scale, proportion, and rhythm). Utilizing the adapted terminology, thoroughly assay the appointment of art in agreement of the arresting Visual Elements of Art and the Principles of Design that you accept articular aural the composition. THE CONCLUSION Summarize your thoughts about the artisan and the appointment of art you critiqued.

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