APUS Communications Bibliography

For our final assignment, you will choose four articlesfrom the articles you have been asked to read in class and/or from the article list provided for the Week 6 assignment to create an

Annotated Bibliography.

You will complete three items for each of your four sources:

1. Reference: Complete an APA reference for each article

2. Annotation: Complete an annotation for each article.

The annotation is not a summary or paraphrase. In this paragraph, you will interpret and evaluate the contents of the article itself. It is a narrative paragraph of about 100 words providing information and assessment about the article.

3. Reflection: Write a reflection for each article. The reflection should connect your intercultural communication experience(s) with information from the article as it applies to you personally (This section only can be written in first person).

In this paragraph of about 100 words, relate the information that you have evaluated in the article to your own cultural identity and intercultural communication. This is a reflective piece where you are able to connect the information in theory to an understanding of your own identity.

I can’t believe my instructor did that?! Middle Eastern students’ expectations of instructors’ verbal and
nonverbal immediacy behaviors.
Integrating Separate and Connected Knowing: The Experiential Learning Model
Reconsidering the Pipeline Problem: Increasing Faculty Diversity
Kandice Sumner: How America’s public schools keep kids in poverty.
The Latino Educational Pipeline.
International students’ proactive behaviors in the united states: Effects of information- seeking behaviors on
school life
Speaking with A stranger: Intercultural classrooms’ tensions and managing strategies
Black, white, and shades of gray: Communication predictors of stereotypic impressions
Heres the list to pick from

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