Read the Case Abstraction 1-22 Organizational Belletrist to Stakeholders on p. 29 in Core Concepts of Accounting Advice Systems. Write a 45- to 175- chat acknowledgment to anniversary of the six questions in the case study. 1-22.  Organizational Belletrist to Stakeholders The anniversary address is advised by some to be the distinct best important printed certificate that companies produce. In contempo years, anniversary belletrist accept become ample documents. They now accommodate such sections as belletrist to the stockholders, descriptions of the business, operating highlights, banking review, administration altercation and analysis, articulation reporting, and aggrandizement abstracts as able-bodied as the basal banking statements. The amplification has been due in allotment to a accepted access in the amount of composure and complication in accounting standards and acknowledgment requirements for banking reporting. The amplification additionally reflects the change in the agreement and akin of composure of users. Accepted users accommodate not alone stockholders, but banking and balance analysts, abeyant investors, lending institutions, stockbrokers, customers, employees, and (whether the advertisement aggregation brand it or not) competitors. Thus, a address that was originally advised as a accessory for communicating basal banking advice now attempts to accommodated the assorted needs of an accretion audience. Users authority adverse angle on the amount of anniversary reports. Some altercate that anniversary belletrist abort to accommodate abundant information, admitting others accept that disclosures in anniversary belletrist accept broadcast to the point area they actualize advice overload. The approaching of best companies depends on accepting by the advance attainable and by their customers; therefore, companies should booty this befalling to acquaint categorical accumulated strategies. Requirements     The mission of the US Balance and Exchange Commission (SEC) is to assure investors, advance fair, orderly, and able markets, and facilitate basal formation. Identify several means that the SEC accomplishes its mission.     The ambition of advancing an anniversary address is to acquaint advice from a aggregation to its targeted users. (a) Identify and altercate the basal factors of advice that charge be advised in the presentation of this information. (b) Altercate the advice problems a aggregation faces in advancing the anniversary address due to the assortment of the users actuality addressed.     Select two types of advice begin in an anniversary report, alternative than the banking statements and accompanying footnotes, and call how they are advantageous to the users of anniversary reports.     Discuss at atomic two advantages and two disadvantages of advertence categorical accumulated strategies in the anniversary report.     Evaluate the capability of anniversary belletrist in accomplishing the advice needs of the afterward accepted and abeyant users: (a) shareholders, (b) creditors, (c) employees, (d) customers, and (e) banking analysts.     Annual belletrist are attainable and attainable to anyone, including competitors. Altercate how this affects decisions about what advice should be provided in anniversary reports.

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