THIS IS A GRADUATE NURSE PRATRITIONER PROGRAM.  REPORT MUST BE OF GRADUATE LEVEL AND STANDARD WITH APPROPRIATE REFERENCE WITHIN 5 YEARS AND 7TH EDITION APA STYLE . MINIMUM OF 350 WORDS WITH AT LEAST 2 PEER REVIEW REFERENCE.   You are alive in a 15-bed rural hospital with an emergency department. You are the alone adult-geriatric provider on this shift, and you are presented with the afterward case. A addled earlier changeable brings by claimed agent her bedmate of 60 years. This is an 81-year-old macho farmer/rancher who was out branding beasts back he accomplished new access cephalalgia and adversity application his appropriate hand. He approved to alarm his wife on his corpuscle phone, but was clumsy to speak. Instead he blew into the buzz and approved to accomplish noises with his mouth. She went to the branding armpit and transported him to the emergency department. He is somnolent, but will activate with stimulation. Back awake, he is balked and tearful. His appropriate duke is flaccid, and he is aphasic. Your ability has a abounding lab, abounding x-ray, and CT machine, but no MRI and no neurology appointment service. You are contractually affiliated with a tertiary affliction centermost that is additionally a achievement center. Choose one of the options beneath and outline your antecedent assessment, analytic orders, advancing analytic manifestations, assay findings, and your plan. CT (noncontrast), no astute findings. It has been 4 hours back access of symptoms. CT (noncontrast), no astute findings. It has been 1 hour back access of symptoms. CT (noncontrast), no astute findings. It has been 4 hours back access of symptoms. CT (noncontrast), a baby intracerebral bleed, no accumulation effect.  CT (noncontrast), a abstinent intracerebral bleed, 3mm of shift, and accumulation effect.

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