Topic: Absorption Basics In this Module 6 Discussion, we shall altercate what are the R functions for absorption application k-means absorption algorithm and hierarchical absorption procedures for clustering. Amuse acknowledgment the questions by bushing out the bare on the appropriate duke ancillary of the table. To acknowledgment these questions, amuse go over the examples (Example 15.1,15.2,15.4,15.5) in Data Mining and Business Analytics with R and Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R Chapter 15 (all begin in this week's Reading & Resources) to acquisition and again ample in the blanks for answers to the afterward questions. You may additionally accredit to some accessible assets to acquisition accordant answers to ample in those blanks as answers.        No.      Questions                                                                                                                                                          Answers                                                                                  1 What are the R functions in those examples (15.1,15.2) you can use to run k-means absorption algorithm for clustering? 2 What are the R functions in those archetype (15.4, 15.5) you can use to run hierarchical absorption procedures for clustering? 3 In K-means clustering, what is the adjustment for comparing altered choices of k in agreement of all-embracing boilerplate within-cluster distance? What is the R action you can use for it? Amuse additionally call that adjustment briefly. 4 Please ascertain the abstraction of dendrogram. 5 Please accredit to the afterward link for added capacity on altered dendrograms. Again use the afterward accumbent dendrogram (where y is the height) and call how abounding clusters you accept based on the dendrogram at height=90,150,250 and 400, respectively? In your acknowledgment to alternative students, advance changes to their architecture that you anticipate would accomplish it a stronger study, or ask allegorical questions if annihilation was cryptic or confusing. Discussion Guidelines 

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