K-means Absorption Analysis This appointment is to accord you the hands-on acquaintance application R to conduct k-means absorption analysis. Please accredit to the Chapter 15.5 area in the advertence arbiter (through the articulation at the basal beneath "Lessons") and Chapter 15 of the official arbiter for details. Then accessible K-means Absorption in R with Example (or accessible this book Week 6 Appointment advertence catechism and band-aid files.docx ) , go over the accomplished archetype by application Computers.csv data set and the aforementioned R codes to carbon the after-effects footfall by step, abstraction the way to explain the archetypal and appraise the results: Import data Train the model Optimal k (Elbow method) Examining the cluster Now accessible this book Computers.csv to accept these two new scaled variables: price_scal and ads_scal to alter the hd_scal and ram_scal and accommodate the aforementioned k-means absorption assay as in the website according to the aloft steps.  Please copy/paste awning images of your appointment in R, and put into a Word certificate for submission. Be abiding to accommodate anecdotal of your answers (i.e., do not aloof copy/paste your answers after accouterment some account of what you did or your findings). Please accommodate Introudction, R codes with outputs, Figures and explanations with awning and advertence pages. A acceptable cessation to blanket up the appointment is additionally expected. You additionally charge to chase APA formats. Hints: change the [2:3] in the R action kmeans.ani(rescale_df[2:3], 3) to accept two new scaled variables mentioned above, you may charge to use cbind() action for it. Reference Due DateAug 15, 2021 11:59 PMAttachmentsComputers.csv (289.64 KB)Week 6 Appointment advertence catechism and soluti... (322.95 KB)

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