Algebra Discussion Forum Ohio Population Growth Equation Help

For this discussion, you will be using the population growth equation. In particular, your task is as follows:

  1. Use the population growth equation to determine the expected population for Ohio in the year 2050. With a growth rate of 0.67% per year
  2. Determine when the population will double (i.e., Doubling Time, T).
  3. Population of Ohio is currently 11,730,719
  4. example of real-world contexts that can be modeled using exponential or logarithmic equations.Equation attached*

> Population Growth
The function
P(t) = Poredk>0,
is a model of many kinds of population growth, whether it be a population of people,
bacteria, smartphones, or money. In this function, P, is the population at time 0, P is
the population after time t, and k is called the exponential growth rate. The graph
of such an equation is shown at left.

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