Advanced Operating Systems

  Option 1: Assay Abode / Individual Project (800 points) Write a bookish assay abode on a affair accompanying to Software Engineering (see Adapted Topics). Amuse see Important Notes and Certificate Capacity for abundant specifications.  Appropriate Topics: The Assay Report: Select two of the afterward assay areas accouterment a complete allusive assay amid the two chosen:i) Cloud Computing (Intranet, Extranet, and Internet)ii) Robotic Operating Systemiii) Internet of Things (IoT) OSiv) Apple iOSv) Androidvi) Linuxvii) zOSviii) BSDix) NOSx) UNIX Important Apprentice Notes: · Anniversary apprentice acquiescence should be arrested for plagiarism. Students should be warned that Turnitin has a actual able actual anamnesis and is able of accessing belletrist from both centralized and alien assets (i.e. Universities, Governments, etc.) including those originally accounting in non-English accounting languages. Appropriation will aftereffect in a brand of aught (non-negotiable) for the appointment and may after-effects in another university actions. The administration administrator will be notified of the violation. Added Campbellsville University penalties may be applicable. Amuse see chic abridgement for added details.· Alone one acquiescence attack is able – AS THE STUDENT TO BE SURE BEFORE DEPRESSING ENTER.· Able book formats for submissions accommodate Microsoft Chat (doc, docx) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). No another formats are acceptable.· The assay cardboard charge be at atomic 2,500 words accurate by affirmation (citations from peer-reviewed sources). · A minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed account citations are required. · Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no added amplitude for headings, no added white space, no added than two levels of heading, folio numbers, advanced and aback matter).· Added white amplitude use to enhance folio calculation will abnormally affect apprentice grade. · Affiliate 1 illustrates the certificate capacity of the assay abode and constitutes Background/Introduction, Botheration Statement(s), Goal(s), Assay Question(s), Appliance and Significance, Barriers and Issues accompanying to affair chosen. Affiliate 2 should abide of apprentice apery the cited assay actual (i.e. what happened in case abstraction x). Affiliate 3 should be the acumen for accomplishing a basal compare/contrast or advantages/disadvantage of what was declared in Affiliate 2 (do not accompaniment because the assistant said so). Affiliate 4 is a complete analysis, synthesis, and appraisal of what was declared in affiliate 2. In effect, affiliate 3 is a account of what will be done and affiliate 4 is what was done and what the allegation were. Again, appropriately far the autograph is cold and charge not accommodate apprentice opinion. Affiliate 5 states results, conclusion, and approaching assignment recommendations. Here is breadth apprentice assessment (or any researcher) can accompaniment their corresponding assessment as the apprentice has now “done the work” and are justified in advertence results.· Alum apprentice are accustomed to be able in the use of the English language. Errors in grammar, spelling, or syntax will affect apprentice grade. The Professor, will not accommodate alleviative advice for autograph problems. If the apprentice is clumsy to abode acutely and correctly, the apprentice should be apprenticed to acquaintance the affairs appointment for sources of alleviative help. · IMPORTANT - amuse accredit to the afterward url for added advice on autograph abilities all-important at the alum akin ( · Final Acquiescence - the final abode is due no after than the aftermost day (Sunday) of Week 8. Late acquiescence will be accepted. A absolute of at atomic 15 abounding pages is adapted (no added whitespace). Alone Microsoft Chat or Adobe PDF acquiescence is acceptable.· The assay cardboard charge alone accommodate abstracts acquired alone from associate advised journals or associate advised appointment proceedings. Newspapers, websites (URLs), magazines, abstruse journals, hearsay, claimed opinions, and white affidavit are NOT able citations. Amuse admission the CU Library at for adapted materials.  · APA formatted citations are adapted for the final submission. IMPORTANT - amuse accredit to the afterward url for advice with APA: Amuse ability out to our librarians for added commendation administration and APA help.· All images, tables, abstracts are to be included in the appendices and IS NOT included in the 15 folio requirement. This agency appendices are not included in the 15 folio requirement.· Continued quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT permitted. Alone one quoted abbreviate book (less than 14 words) is able per page.  · Footnotes are NOT permitted. Document Details This breadth provides added capacity about the agreeable of anniversary of the bare Assay Abode Chapters (5). For those instructing in Hybrid format, the adviser may appetite to accede accepting the instantiated teams assignment on: 1) an outline of the final assay abode and 2) a basic assay abode that includes Chapters 1 and 2. For those instructing in Online or F2F formats the adviser may appetite to accede application the Hybrid architecture (teams) or distinct apprentice acquiescence format. The final acquiescence should accommodate DETAILS of anniversary of following: 1) Affiliate 1 – Introduction2) Affiliate 2 – Abstract Review3) Affiliate 3 – Alignment Specifics (comparative analysis)4) Affiliate 4 – Allegation and Results5) Affiliate 5 – Cessation and Approaching Recommendations6) References - APA7) AppendicesChapter 1 IntroductionBackground/IntroductionIn this section, present abundant advice about the proposed assignment such that the clairvoyant understands the accepted ambience or setting. It is additionally accessible to accommodate a arbitrary of how the blow of this certificate is organized. Problem Account In this section, present a abridged account of a research-worthy botheration addressed (i.e., why the assignment should be undertaken – don’t say adapted for the class). Follow the account of the botheration with a well-supported altercation of its ambit and nature. The altercation of the botheration should include: what the botheration is, why it is a problem, how the botheration acquired or developed, and the issues and contest arch to the problem. Goal Next, accommodate a abridged analogue of the ambition of the assignment (i.e., what the assignment will accomplish). Aim to ascertain a ambition that is measurable.Research Questions Assay questions are developed to advice adviser the authors through the abstract for a accustomed botheration area. What were the advancing questions asked and why did the apprentice acquisition (or not find) them adequate. Relevance and Acceptation The apprentice should accede the afterward questions as they apprehend through an commodity advertence how the author(s) supported, or larboard bottomless the evidence, relevance, and acceptation of their assay literature: Why is there a problem? What groups or individuals are affected? How extensive is the botheration and how abundant is its impact? What’s the account of analytic the problem? What has been approved after success to actual the situation? Why weren’t those attempts successful? What are the after-effects of not analytic the problem? How does the ambition of the abstraction abode the assay botheration and how will the proposed abstraction action affiance as a resolution to the problem? How will the assay add to the ability base? What is the abeyant for generalization of the results? What is the abeyant for aboriginal work? Barriers and Issues In these paragraphs, analyze how the botheration is inherently difficult to solve. How did the band-aid the author(s) adduce abode the difficulties? Chapter 2 Abstract ReviewIn this section, it is important to acutely analyze the above areas on which the apprentice will charge to focus the apprentice assay in adjustment to anatomy a solid foundation for the abstraction in the absolute anatomy of knowledge. The abstract assay is the presentation of affection abstract in a accurate acreage that serves as the foundation and absolution for the assay problem, assay questions or hypothesis, and methodology. The apprentice will advance a added absolute assay of the abstract as allotment of the research. Chapter 3 Approach/MethodologyThis affiliate includes a arbitrary of how the apprentice are activity to advance with the appraisal of the botheration account and associated assay question(s). Accustomed the abbreviate time of this course, a analyze / adverse or advantage / disadvantage assay is recommended that Chapter 4: Findings, Analysis, SynthesisInclude an cold description and assay of the findings, after-effects or outcomes of the research. Limit the use of charts, tables, abstracts to those that are bare to abutment the narrative. Best of these illustrations should be included as allotment of the Appendix.The afterward capacity are advised to serve as a guide: Data analysis Findings & discussionAnalysisSynthesisDiscussion Chapter 5: ConclusionsConclusions - Acutely accompaniment the abstracts of the abstraction based on the assay performed and after-effects achieved. Indicate by the affirmation or analytic development the admeasurement to which the defined objectives accept been accomplished. If the assay has been guided by hypotheses, accomplish a account as to whether the abstracts accurate or alone these hypotheses. Discuss another explanations for the findings, if appropriate. Delineate strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study.Implications - Discuss the appulse of the assignment on the acreage of abstraction and its contributions to ability and able practice. Discuss implications for approaching research.Recommendations - Present recommendations for approaching assay or for changes in assay methods or abstract concepts. As appropriate, present recommendations for changes in bookish practice, able practice, or authoritative procedures, practices, and behavior.ReferencesFollow the best accepted adaptation of APA to architecture the references. However, anniversary advertence should be single-spaced with a bifold amplitude in amid anniversary entry. Formatting DetailsMargins The left-hand allowance charge be 1inches (4 cm.). Margins at the right, top, and basal of the folio should be 1.0 inch. (See barring for affiliate appellation pages below.) The Assay Abode argument may be left-aligned (leaving a ragged appropriate edge) or may be both left- and right-aligned (justified). Line Spacing Double-spacing is adapted for best of the argument in abstracts submitted during the Assay Abode process. Paragraph Agreement The argument of the certificate is double-spaced. There should be no added spaces amid paragraphs in sections; however, bash the aboriginal band of anniversary paragraphs bristles spaces. Page Numbering All pages should accept folio numbers in Arabic numerals in the high right-hand corner. Type StyleThe anatomy text, the apprentice should use 12-point Times New Roman. Argument for the awning folio may be beyond but should not beat 14-point size. Argument for the affiliate appellation argument should be 14-point size. Be constant in the use of typefaces throughout the document. Do not use a aeroembolism book or any settings on the chat processor that would abatement the agreement amid belletrist or words. Sans serif typefaces such as Helvetica or Arial may be acclimated for almost abbreviate blocks of argument such as affiliate headings and captions but should be abhorred in continued passages of argument as they impede readability. Title Page Every certificate that is submitted charge accept a appellation page. The appellation folio includes the exact appellation of the assay report, date of submission, the aggregation name, and the name of anniversary aggregation member. Chapter Appellation Heading, Subheadings, and Sub-Subheadings It is adapted that submitted Assay Abode use no added than three levels of headings in the anatomy text. All headings should accept alone the aboriginal letter of anniversary chat capitalized except that non-major words beneath than four belletrist accept no basic letters. Instructions for branch levels follow: Akin 1: Affiliate Appellation Heading This branch starts two inches from the top of the page, is centered on the page, and is set in 14­point type. The aboriginal band contains the affiliate cardinal (e.g., Affiliate 4). The additional band is blank. The third band displays the affiliate title, is centered on the page, and is set in 14-point type.  Level 2: Subheading Start the subheading at the larboard allowance of the page, four spaces (i.e., two allotment back the certificate is set for double-spacing) bottomward from the title, set in adventurous 12-point type. Double-space (one return) to the subheading anatomy text. Bash the aboriginal band of the anatomy argument bristles spaces. Level 3: Sub-Subheading Start the sub–subheading at the larboard allowance of the page, double-spaced (i.e., one acknowledgment back the certificate is set up for double-spacing) from the subheading, set in 12-point italics. Double-space (one return) to the sub-subheading anatomy text. Bash the aboriginal band of the anatomy argument bristles spaces.  

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