Adult Life Transitions

Vignette: Mr. and Mrs. DeGuzman accept been affiliated for 54 years. He was afresh in a car blow area he hit a anchored vehicle. His bloom was already compromised, and with this contempo event, he is now accepted to a hospital and needs a breath machine. His wife and two developed sons are because hospice. They alive in a single-story home. Mrs. DeGuzman has been a homemaker all her life. She was never complex in abounding activities and would analyze her afresh asleep accompanying sister as her "best and alone friend." They alive off Amusing Security and a baby alimony from the Train Operators fund. Write a 350- to 700-word acknowledgment to the afterward questions based on the aloft vignette According to this week’s readings, what do you apperceive about some of the ancestors characteristics of this couple? What are some analytical aspects of retirement that are applicable? What do you activity their constancy to be? If they were a brace in your community, what active options would you acclaim for them? Format your appointment according to APA guidelines. Use capacity 8 and 9 in Quadagno, J. (2017). Aging and the activity course: An addition to amusing gerontology, seventh copy (7th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education as a ability and reference

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