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Question 1A 47 y/o controlling is speaking with his secretary about a affair appointed for the abutting day and aback slumps in his armchair and is clumsy to speak.  The secretary anon calls 911 and the accommodating is transported anon to the ED.  He is accepting agitation speaking and is additionally accepting some beheld irregularities.  He has afresh been told he has aerial cholesterol and is additionally actuality advised for aerial claret burden and GERD.Patient history includes:Works 16 hours a day and aftermost vacation was 3 years agoDrinks 4-6 cups of coffee dailySmokes 10-20 cigarettes a day depending on how demanding his day isUsed to exercise, but "now is too busy"Eats best commons out daily.The ED physician suspects that the accommodating The assistant is teaching the accommodating about the afterward tests and the accommodating is allurement why anniversary one is ordered.  Using your book, explain to the patient  why anniversary of these analytic tests has been ordered.  Which one should be completed aboriginal and why?CT browse of the arch after contrastEchocardiogramMRI of the brainMRA of the brainQuestion 2Identify the patient's accident for achievement and how each increases his risk.Question 3The accommodating is actuality advised for fibrinolytic therapy.  What is fibrinolytic analysis and what are the above apropos and contraindications?  What must be known before fibrinolytic analysis can be considered?Question 4The accommodating has been diagnosed with an ischemic achievement and accustomed the fibrinolytic TPA and spendt the aboriginal 24 hours in the ICU and is now transferred to the achievement unit.  The accommodating has some balance weakness on the R side, but is contrarily chargeless of abiding disability.  The accommodating has been told he has amoral hypertension and hypercholesteremia and will be absolved home with some outpatient concrete therapy.The assistant is teaching the accommodating about the medications he will go home on.  Explain why the accommodating is actuality absolved on the afterward medicationsAn antihypertensiveA statinLow dosage AspirinQuestion 5The assistant is commutual acquittal teaching and affairs to advise the accommodating how to abate the accident of accepting addition stroke  Considering the accident factors of this patient, what should the assistant advise the patient?

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