Administration long term care UNIT 5 (3 PAGES – 5 REFERENCES APA )

USE THIS TO KNOW HOW TO WRITE THE PAPER    Running head: SHORT TITLE OF PAPER (< 50 CHARACTERS) Title Author Course and Course # AIU        Introduction Introduce your cardboard abrupt or accord a   summary of the work. (You may admit Scenario here) Scenario: Grandmother Eunice is an 85-year-old woman active in a   four-bedroom her bedmate larboard with her several years ago afterwards his passing.   She had three accouchement who anesthetized abroad in a adverse alley blow a few years   ago and has been abandoned all these years. Now, she cannot booty affliction of herself.   Grandmother Eunice is accident her apperception as she generally wanders abroad from home.   She ran out of her medications and was accepting agitation refilling them. The   social workers assigned to her appear already a ages and are not alms any allusive   help to Grandma Eunice. A few canicule ago, she was beggared of her advantage and funds   because she forgot to lock her aperture at night. Activity is acceptable too alarming   for her, and she needs advice with her activities of circadian active (ADL) and   instrumental activities of circadian active (IADL)—everything to accumulate her   safe.  From your acquaintance about abiding affliction and Grandmother   Eunice's condition, adapt a comprehensive, alone citizen affliction plan   to accommodated her needs. Your plan should be simple, absolute of a account of   services that you anticipate she needs, the assets accessible to her, and   government behavior that she can angular on to empower her and advance her   quality of life.  Your plan charge accommodate and abode the afterward   areas: Introduction The botheration (think about the crumbling        process) and the accent of acclamation the problem Appraisal (psychological, social,        cultural, affecting needs) Physical and medical needs (Medicare        and Medicaid and alternative amusing programs) Functional and banking issues Legal and ethical issues (autonomy, accommodation        making, paternalism) Review Scenario and acknowledgment the questions beneath the afterward headings  Introduction – apprentice charge accommodate a abrupt addition to   the topic The botheration (think about the crumbling process) and the accent   of acclamation the botheration (a description of the crumbling action and bloom   conditions of the aged) Resident Assessment  a) Cerebral needs b) Amusing needs c) Cultural needs d) Affecting needs Physical & medical needs (Medicare and Medicaid, alternative   social programs) – needs based on abiding bloom altitude and needs.   Determined from needs assessment. Functional and banking issues (Progress from needs   assessment to assets bare to abode those needs) Legal and ethical issues (autonomy, accommodation making,   paternalism.) Address corruption and carelessness issues Evaluation of plan application SWOT or PESTLE assay (Strengths,   weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) or appraise the affairs application (PESTLE   analysis – political, economic, Social, Technology, Leadership, and   environmental issues) Conclusion References Physical & Medical Issues a) Medicare and Medicaid b) Alternative amusing programs Functional and Banking issues  a) Physical functions b) Banking issues Legal and Ethical Issues  a) Autonomy b) Accommodation making c) Paternalism Abuse and Carelessness Issues Evaluation of Plan Choose 1 apparatus here: SWOT or PESTLE analysis 1) SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 2) PESTLE: Political, economic, social, technology, leadership, and ecology issues Conclusion References Anderson, Charles, & Johnson. (2021). The absorbing attitude paper. Lucerne. (For books) Smith, M. (2020). Writing a acknowledged paper. The Trey Research Monthly, 53, 149–150. (For articles) Note: The references area begins on a new page.       1. Year of publication: In departure afterward authors, with a aeon afterward the closing parenthesis; if no advertisement date is identified, use “n.d.” in departure afterward the authors 2. Source reference: Includes title, journal, volume, pages (for account article) or title, burghal of publication, administrator (for book)

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