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A hospital is planning to acquirement new telemetry affection monitors for the accelerated affliction assemblage (ICU), emergency administering (ED), and average affliction assemblage (IMCU). To accomplish the basic acquirement productive, hospital administering forms a board consisting of the assemblage managers, nursing assembly from anniversary unit, a bio-med individual, and the banking officer. Anniversary assemblage is accustomed representation based on the cardinal of nurses active on the units. This after-effects in three ICU nurses, three IMCU nurses, and one ED nurse. Management is anxious about the costs of replacing the telemetry monitors; therefore, the banking administrator pushes for the cheapest product, insisting that account constraints and decreased acquirement crave the acquirement of a beneath big-ticket system. However, the ICU, IMCU, and ED assembly accumulate afterwards the affair to altercate their abutment for the best big-ticket system. They devise a angle that outlines the ceaseless breeze of patients with the system, explains how the telemetry units accommodated anniversary area’s needs, and demonstrates how the arrangement will save money in the continued term. They actualize a blueprint that compares the two models, demonstrating how the added big-ticket arrangement could enhance accommodating outcomes. They argue the bio-med adumbrative to ancillary with them based on their ability that his mother is in the ICU and could account from the outcome.  The nurses additionally accretion abutment from several bounded cardiologists for their adapted system.  Respond to anniversary of the airish questions. Describe how the nurses acclimated political strategies to access the decision. How does this case reflect the political ability of nurses? How did the nurses authenticate the political abilities declared in the text? What were the purposes abaft the nurses basic a coalition?

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