Resources: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Accommodation Making, p. 36 Scenario: On June 1, 2017, Elite Service Co. was started with an antecedent advance in the aggregation of $22,100 cash. Beneath are the assets, liabilities, and accepted banal of the aggregation June 30, 2017, and the revenues and costs for the ages of June, its aboriginal ages of operations:  Cash.     $ 4,600 Notes payable.  $12,000 Accounts receivable.  4,000 Accounts payable. 500 Service revenue.  7,500 Supplies expense. 1,000 Supplies. 2,400 Maintenance and aliment expense.  600 Advertising expense.  400 Utilities expense.  300 Equipme. 26,000 Salaries and accomplishment expense. 1,400 Common stock. 22,100 In June, the aggregation issues no added banal but paid assets of $1,400.  Prepare an assets statement, retained antithesis statement, and antithesis area allegory your allegation application the questions below, in a absolute of 1,050 words: Briefly abode whether the company's aboriginal ages of operations was a success. Discuss the company's accommodation to administer a dividend. Use the Excel® spreadsheet to appearance your assignment and abide it with your analysis

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