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ABC Aggregation had 3 actor shares of accepted banal outstanding for the absolute year.  The aggregation appear net assets of $8 million.   ABC has a tax amount of 40%.  The boilerplate banal amount for the aggregation during the year was $12.  No assets were declared or paid during the year.  The aggregation had the afterward potentially dilutive balance outstanding for the absolute year.  a. 10,000 bonds , $1,000 par, 8% advertisement bonds issued at face amount during the above-mentioned year.  The bonds pay absorption annually every December 31.  Each band can be adapted into 24 shares of accepted stock.   b. 200,000 shares of $10 par amount accumulative adopted banal issued at par with a allotment amount of 7%.  Each allotment of adopted banal can be adapted into one allotment of accepted stock. c. 100,000 banal options that can be acclimatized in two years.  Each advantage can be acclimatized for one allotment of accepted banal for $15 share.    Determine the basal balance per allotment for the year.  Determine the per allotment furnishings of the potentially dilutive securities, agreement them in adjustment from the best dilutive aftereffect to the atomic dilutive Determine the adulterated balance per allotment for the year

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