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Leading Changes

Identify an industry or organization which you believe has had difficulty adapting to change and apply the concepts of resource and routine rigidity to the situation. Identify the specific symptoms of resource and routine rigidity in the situation and identify how you, as a manager and leader, might seek to overcome them to move the organization forward. The chosen organization may be one that you have participated in or one that you have researched. Remember to respond to two of your colleagues with questions and comments that will expand the discussion. Avoid simply agreeing with them.


When I was an employee at Citigroup our file room undertook the task of scanning all customer mortgage files so that our analyst could log in. It was a great idea, because it would allow analyst to review files from any computer and work from home if needed. But what we found that every file did not contain the same information. We encountered several problems, the first being the size of some the files, then the organization of the files, and there was not enough digital security. We formed teams from different regions to determine what documents were essential to each file. We later found it was too costly to move forward with the process.


I work in the education field where change is inevitable.


The newer educators are open to change and welcome it, whereas some of the educators who have been teaching for years want to continue as they have done in the past and are resistant to change.  However with the how technology has evolved over the last few decades and with the continuing evolution, children have to be prepared for what is now and for what is to come.  The federal government and counties have spent tons of money on continuing education for their educators so that they can prepare to modify their teaching methods and strategies.

Leadership Development


1.      Assume you are Vince Brofft and want to lead the change to save the plant. Describe how you would enact the first three stages outlined in Exhibit 15.2.

                Stage 1-Establish a Sense of Urgency – Convey the severity of the situation. I must explain the situation to the extent that must be known. The big three companies are not providing the business that the plant needs to survive. We can either compromise and make cuts or lose the plant in its entirety.

                Stage 2-Form a Powerful Guiding Coalition – I must first explain my argument to some of the trusted employees at the plant in order to make them aware of the situation. This way when presenting the situation to others, I am able to do so with backup.

                Stage 3-Develop a Compelling Vision and Strategy – Develop a strategy which, when explained, gives employees reasons to stand behind the decisions made. It must prove to benefit all sides in some manner while keeping the best interest of the plant in mind.

   2. Describe three tactics you would use to overcome union leader resistance.

            It is important to show that when providing these solutions to the union leader, there is a positive communication being held throughout the process. If the union workers’ interest is kept in mind, and this is shown through regular communication with the union leader, a trust can be built that can lead to overcoming the resistance from the union leader.

  3. If you were Kelly Mueller, how would you encourage innovative thinking at AT&D? What strategies would you use to encourage others to be more receptive to bold changes?

            Major importance has to be given to the employees. You must make them feel important in order to encourage innovative thinking and to make them receptive to the changes that could occur. Give them the opportunity to express opinions and ideas and be receptive of those that they give.


1.     Assumed you are Vince Brofft and want to lead the change to save the plant.  Describe how you would enact the first three stages outline in Exhibit 15.2.


         Establish a Sense of Urgency – Meet with internal leaders and union leaders and provide details on the company’s current situation. I think giving leaders the raw data in light of the current economic conditions should create the since of urgency needed to turn things around. Looking at the devastation caused in Detroit and its surrounding cities should urge the union leaders towards compromised.

         Form a powerful Guiding Coalition – To create a guiding coalition you must have buy in from the leadership team. The leadership team is essential in motivating the company employees. I would suggest an offsite meeting to brainstorm the possible route to recovery. Leadership’s participation in brainstorming gives them the opportunity to give input and own the final outcome.

         Develop a Compelling Vision Strategy: after the offsite brainstorming meeting Brofft will have all the information necessary to create a master plan to bring the company to recovery. I think its key for him to create a strategy where he can make clear how all parties will when in this situation.


2.     Describe three tactics you would use to overcome union leaders resistance

I think the key to solving a difficult issue is communication. If keeping the line of communication open and being as honest and as realistic as possible I think the unions will compromises. Once the union compromises I think it is critical to be assertive and make changes.

3.     If you were Kelly Muller, how would you encourage innovative thinking at AT&D? What strategies would you use to encourage others to be more receptive to bold changes?

         In any organization that I have experienced major change in the mangers always got the buy in from the employees. When you do this I think that employees grow a sense of ownership to the process.

         Keep everyone abreast of development and or downfalls.

         Give incentive once the goal is reached. In most cases people just wanted to feel appreciated no matter how much changes or how hard the work is.


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