Marijuana was decriminalized in Canada in October 2018. Since that time, abounding Canadian badge departments accept implemented behavior apropos admiral application marijuana that would apparently shock abounding Americans. For example, the Vancouver Badge Department says that it will not appoint any restrictions on their admiral for application marijuana while off-duty. The alone action they will accomplish is that all admiral charge be fit for assignment back they address to work. It about holds them to the aforementioned standards as after-hours booze consumption. Changes are accident in the United States as well. In Atlanta, Georgia, which is a accompaniment area marijuana use is still illegal, the Atlanta Badge Department will no best ask applicants if they accept smoked marijuana and accede its use as a agency in accommodation to accompany the force. They affirmation that they accept absent too abounding able candidates back allurement them about marijuana smoking. Share your opinions, from both the angle of a bent amends ambassador alive in a accompaniment area marijuana use has been decriminalized and from the angle of a clandestine citizen, on whether bent amends cadre (in states area it is legal) should be accustomed to use marijuana while off-duty. Explain the account for your opinions.

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