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For this appointment accept 2 of dis, anniversary one charge use one chat doc to upload DIS 1: If you were to go to the accelerate in the Belief Overview PPT you would acquisition the ethical aphorism of "The Golden Rule" which comes from Judeo-Christian Ethics.  It is frequently referred to.  I accept acceptance from beyond the apple announce that their cultures accept a agnate conception of this idea.  The abstraction is that one should consistently act in a way the if the bearings were reversed, that is the way you would appetite to be treated.  Thus we accept this expression, "do unto others as you would accept done to you."  It is a affectionate of reciprocity:  amusement others as you would ambition to be treated. So for a catechism on this ethical principle, we ability appetite to ask, is this a acceptable rule?  Is it accessible in the able world?  Is it realistic?  What are the limitations?  And finally, as you acknowledge to these questions in your post, anticipate of a time back you accomplished this aphorism in activity - how you advised another, or how addition advised you. dis 2: There are abounding ethical and moral standards. Abounding theorists and practitioners accept consort ethical attempt and abounding books accept been accounting on ethics, and in particular, belief in the workplace.   One of the best cited models is the one referenced in the Belief Overview PPT.  It is the Beauchamp and Childress model.  It has stood the analysis of time and abounding subscribe to it as a able archetypal to accommodate the underpinnings of mission statements, and codes of conduct, as able-bodied as to adviser accustomed decisions.  Looking at those Five Principles, if you had to accept two, which would they be and why accept you called them?  Defend your best that these are the best important attempt in the able activity by accouterment specific examples, fatigued from your own experience, jobs you accept had, or situations in the apple about you that you accept observed.  So accept two, and allegorize why you accept called them.  As a reminder, that archetypal submits:  Do No Harm, Fidelity, Work to Benefit others, Respecting Autonomy, and Justice.  https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5537-how-to-be-ethical-leader.html total charge to 2 pages

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